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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Sleeves on sweater and 2 doilies

sleeve progeress

I have been working on the sleeves of my sweater over the weekend.  I do have all the red on them even with the ball I found under the sofa I will not have enough of that red to do the back flap but I did have just enough for the sleeves.  I have started the black section on one sleeve this section will be 9 inches long (currently it has 5 inches in black) that will make it hit in the middle of my fingers which is good to me.  Plus it will be able to roll up to a nice large size cuff if I do not want to wear it so long one day.

Below are some doilies I made for my Mother in law (MIL)for her birthday  (9 years ago tatted) and mother's day or Valentine's day but I think it was mother's day (7 years ago crochet). I took the photos at our Memorial Day party so they aren't the best as I did them on the fly.  She uses them as Antimacassars on her front room chairs.  The black crochet one ( 2.5 - 3 feet across)  is over twice the size of the tatted one in diameter.    I was living with my mil at the time I made the black one.  When I had it all done and blocked it I left it by her piano with a note reading the greetings of the day.  When she realized it was hers she said she wished it was hers when she watched me make it.  But didn't want to ask for it so that made me feel good that she had it.

The tatted one I used thread that use to belong to my grand mil (my mil's mom)  It was just a small scrap of thread she had thus the airiness of it I wanted it to be as large as possible.  I gave it as a gift to my Mil as a reminder of her grandmother because that is the only other person on this side of the family that tatted on my side of the family My Great Aunt Dennie's use to tat when she was a teenager but I never saw any of her work as it all burned to the ground when she was in her late teens along with their home.  So even through it is small it meant a lot to me and Mom (I only call her MIL on my blog in real life MOM).
whole thing
size reffernce
whole thing about 2 feet acrossdoileydetail

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