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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sapphire China Doll and morning sun

sapphire china doll

I few days ago I was straightening out my knitting crochet area and decided I was going to finish a few of my winter projects ie... the red sweater and I have a few more. 

I would like these done before summer is over so I can wear them next fall.  This one started back in February after I made a black version.  I probably only have about 1 to two days work to finish it. 

Is anyone else like this that you get so close to done that in 1 or 2 days it could be.  The catch is you have burn out on it, so it just doesn't happen.  Then months later when you find it again  you wonder "why didn't I just finish that in the first place I could have been wearing it". I worked on it for a little bit today will try to get it done some time in the next week if all goes as planned.  Top photo what it looked like this morning where I left off in February. and the second photo is as of tonight where it stands.  The color is more accurate in the top photo the second one the flash is to bright.
china doll

Also here is a picture of this mornings sunrise loved it this picture does not do it justice.  It was real dark rain clouds with the sun breaking through so pretty.
morning sunrise Jun 16


  1. Loooove that.
    I am looking for a top to crochet, I have never done a top before ,do you have an easy pattern?

  2. I commend you for working on your ufos! I too have several neglected projects. I have a doily that needs the edging worked on just a little more but I'm procrastinating big time! Have a great day... :)

  3. sorry I do not know if my patterns are hard or easy I have never looked at the ratings. To me they are a way to make people scared to try something new . I just start a project that looks like the finished item is something I want to make. If I find something I don't know, I learn it so I can finish the peace that is the best to me I learn and get something out of it at the same time to use.

    A good starting place for free patterns is Ravelry


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