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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

yoyo & granny square afghan progress

oldest daughters afghan
Here is the progress on my oldest daughters yoyo afghan. All the little pieces are the centers to all the blocks that it takes to finish this afghan. I think she is making pretty good progress. I had my oldest daughter sit in the top photo so you could sort of have a size reference. This is to fit a twin size bed when she is done with it. You know the best thing about the three afghans that are being made for the kids in my house my acrylic scrap box is only about 1/4 the size it was. Also all the little scrapes being left by my kids projects will make nice little weave-it loom squares. Also did you notice my kids tend to assemble afghans the way I do meaning they go in a random sort of pattern.
oldest daughters afghan
daughters granny afghan
My middle daughter (who is now 10 in the last photo of this afghan she was still 9) is moving right along on her afghan as well. I think hers is probably harder mental wise as it such a repetition of the same color and stitch for so long to go all the way around. The yoyo afghan has more variety so it keeps the interest easier for the older daughter. But the skill levels are such that these are the correct afghans for each daughter to be working on. I think my middle daughter would get frustrated with the yoyo and the older daughter would be bored with the granny square. It is also getting hard for the granny afghan color wise as the balls of scraps that I have large enough to go around are not always the prettiest colors next to each other. But my daughter is fine with that and keeps going forward. It is 100% a scrap afghan and sometimes they tell you what is next and not the other way around.
daughter with her granny project
My kids always seem to have a bad case of bed hair that may be because I like to take photos first thing in the morning so I have good lighting and sleepy kids I guess.


  1. Tell your girls that their afghans look incredible.

  2. Wow....would this ever have been my kind of fun as a little girl. I used to crochet rugs for my play house...which was in our old dairy barn. I would have loved doing an afghan! What a fun mom you must be.
    Good job girls! -- I'm so impressed with your talent.

  3. I am VERY impressed by your daughters' commitment and creativity. I don't think I could have done it at that age. Tell them a big thumbs up from me.

  4. Wow, Pretty impressive. I just finally learned how to do a granny square and am doing an afghan just like that with scraps. They are doing a great job.

    The other Anne-Marie


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