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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Antique & Vintage Collars and other lace

I have a small collection of antique and vintage collars this is about half of them. I will probably never wear any of them some I plan to make replicas of so I can use those and not damage the originals. The ones in this collection in time I hope to get framed archivally and hang on them on the wall. This collection covers a great many years from the late 1800's to around 1950. Some are hand made lace and some have machine lace some are eyelet. I like them all they have such a variety of styles included in these from under-clothing yokes to collars to dress up a suit or sweater. I have another box of these but it is stored already. In that other box are some dickies too. Oh and the dark burgundy dress form you see I got at the quilt guild yard sale yesterday it fits my size just right. I will post more about quilt guild later. All that is missing is the chalk hem attachment and that is easily fixed. The best part was it was only $20.00. I know it isn't the best dress form but it is my size where as the other two that I own aren't and they are just used for display purposes for my blog. This new one is functional for making me things to wear so that rocks.
yoke antique close up of antique yokecrochet yoke antique usedcrochet yoke antiqueantique yoke never usedclose up of antique yokeantique/vintage collarclose upnever used antique/vintage collarclose up
This one below could have been a doiley edging but I think it could have been a simple collar too either would work.
crochet could be collar or doiley edge I think collarnet lace collar vintage/antiquenet lace collar vintage/antiquenet lace collar vintage/antiquenet lace collar vintage/antiquemachine lace collar vintageeyelet fabric  machine lace collar vintagemachine  collar vintagefabric collar vintageeyelet and french lace collar vintageeyelet and french lace collar vintagemachine lace and fabric vintage collarmachine lace and fabric vintage collarcutwork fabric vintage collareyelet fabric vintage collareyelet fabric vintage collareyelet fabric vintage collar

other items in this box

I think it use to be a doily or pillow edging but would make a lovely collar. The reason I think it use to be either a doily or pillow is because where the fabric use to be attached if it was a dressing gown it would be on the points not the header side of the lace.
edging/ doily pillow? or collar
I think it use to be a doily or small table cloth edging but would make a lovely collar for a drop waist open back night gown.
edging doily/ small tableclothedging doily/ small tablecloth

Doily edging would make a nice childs collar.
doiley edging would make a nice childs collar

Other scraps of lace in this same box

What looks to be an insertion or the start of another yoke and a another insertion with a bird in filet crochet.
insertion or half done yokescrap of lace bird
Half done edging
scrap of edging
half doily(medallion)
never finished doily (medalion)
Not exactly sure what the last one is sort of looks like something that goes in the hair hard to see in photo but it has two special loops that look like a hair chop would go into.
not sure just an old piece of lace


  1. Those are gorgeous. Where did you find them all?

  2. So beautiful - they would be so neat framed. This is more than a small collection!!

  3. These are actually family pieces that is why I will not wear them. They have been in the family for 4 and 5 generations if you count my kids as one of the generations. The other box is the same.

  4. I think my last comment went into oblivion.
    It said: Although I love all the things you have on your blog, I enjoyed these 'collars' so much. They are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them. ^__^

  5. What an amazing collection! How lucky you are to have such family treasures. Thanks for posting the photos. It must have taken a while to photograph all of them.


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