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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Thinking Valentine's

thinking Valentine's already
I was a florist for many years, it is how I put myself through collage and what I did for the first few years of our marriage as employment. I also sort of grew up in a flower shop as my Vavo owns one and I lived with her when I was a child. So many days as a child was spent playing in an empty box of flowers with paper dolls or making dolls from broken off flower heads. Don't ask; it was fun at the time. I liked Valentine's Day at that point in my life; it was fun watching all the people come to my Vavo's shop and get pretty things she made.

As a teenager working in flower shops, I really hatted the holiday. I never seemed to have boyfriend over that holiday or, if I did, he felt he had to get me something, not because he wanted to but because he figured he had to because of a holiday. The other type of boyfriend was the one who figured you worked in a flower shop so you never want to see a flower again; aren't you sick of them yet. To say the least, I hated that day.

Now that I am grown, don't work in flower shops anymore (for 11 years, that is), and I am finally having fun with this day again. I still don't expect things on this day because I have never liked people feeling pressured to get me something, so no worries there. I guess it is different now because I usually get Valentine's made by my daughters because they want to and they love me. I know this because they make me Valentines all year long, not just on V's Day.

I have actually had fun with this holiday since having kids and a husband, not in that order. I am not worried that the man in my life will feel guilty if he does or doesn't get me something; he knows I am good either way. I always felt this was a florist's holiday; a way to make money. I think it was just crazy for them to go insane for 4 weeks to prep, and no sleep for the last two to make and deliver, then crash for 3 days. Not really seeing relatives and friends as you are working 20 hour shifts; just not worth it, to me. Insanity, for short.

OK, I am not totally on board with this holiday, yet, but I do like it now. I have fun making stuff for it and sharing time with my family. Oh wait, that is the originally meaning of the holiday, the part I like (the love part, not the guilt part which I dislike). Yes, I seem to be ranting, but this holiday always does that to me. The holiday of love was always a holiday of stress when I was younger. Now it is a holiday of love for me, and I feel sorry for all those who are still in the holiday of stress and guilt mode.

About the photo above
On to the fun of decorating. I have always liked decorating for holidays. My Christmas decorations are still up. I like putting holidays up, but dread taking them down, sad I won't get to see them for another year. So I usually swing to the next holiday as soon as I can, in this case it is Valentine's Day. Isn't this cool fabric? I am thinking heart yoyos, but I bet you could guess that from the photo. This will probably become garlands, pins and ornaments for the day. Fun crafting time, that is always good.

So I hope those of you who love this holiday have fun with it and those who dislike it find something fun to do and those, like me, who enjoy the sentiment but not the stress, relax with your families and friends.

In case anyone wants to know, the above fabric is Moda's 2008 Valentine's Day line.


  1. I dont like that .. we dont have to select a day to show are feeling !

  2. Hello Sunshine.
    I mailed to you. Did you take it?

  3. Haven't had a chance to sit down and check to see if it is all clear in English yet I have a sick daughter again.
    I do plan to.
    take care

  4. I have helped a friend out in her flower shop on Valentines and Mother's day about 10 years ago in calif..oh my!! I can see why you had to have some time to get over THAT!!
    I don't do tons of decorating for Valentines day, but I did make a cute quilted runner that I use on the kitchen table last year. I am loving the new Moda fabrics you show in your picture...so I may have to do something!!
    My kids love valentines day!


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