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Friday, January 18, 2008

Post to answer another Question

My to answer another question
There was a question on another blog that I read, and I am trying to answer the post here with visuals. This is sort of how it would be used because I am right handed. This should really hang from my right wrist so it feeds directly into my hand that holds my hook; I can crochet lefty, too, just don't do it much. Anyway, because of that I use my right hand to take photos, too, so it is on my left in the picture.

This is a wrist thread-ball holder. They where popular when crochet and knitting where in the height of fashion. I have patterns for these from 1880-1920. In the center is a cabone ring on each side (not always used). This is where the thread is fed through the item, so that when you are traveling your ball does not end up on the floor and get dirty. This was a common item in most ladies' traveling knitting/crochet bags. When a lady wanted to crochet, she would pull out the lace from the top of the bag and pull out her needle or hook that she had stabbed into the ball, and would start to work. When done, she would place the lace back into the top of the bag and re-stab her ball with needle or hook. This is also a bag that tatters would carry and do the same thing with it, except they wouldn't stab their work, they would just place the shuttle inside the bag. Of course, for tatting the ball bag would hang on the opposite wrist than it would for crochet. So when I tat, this is the wrist it hangs on. For any of these techniques it is best to use a center-pull ball, but it's not required.

The bag pictured above is not antique; it is one I made from an antique pattern.

Coming out of this is a piece of lace I am currently making. The pattern is from Leisure arts 111 Easy Edgings; in case anyone else wants to make it, pattern number 75. The hook size I am using is 10 this is roughly size 30 thread. The lace is actually a light khaki color and is a boil fast thread, meaning it is vintage to antique thread.
lace in progress


  1. Hi Sunshine:
    I'm so glad I found your blog again. I saw your flicker pictures last summer and fell in love with your red felt bird--been meaning to make one--it got my attention because of your needlepoint background. I had seen that needlepoint design in a book from my library [can't remember who the artist was] Did you make that neelepoint?
    I really like your tutorials, and appreciate how clear your instructions are.

    I found your blog by looking for a tutorial for oyas. I saw the Ellerin Turkusu videos about all the oya making ladies in Turkey. I cannot understand anything they say but love watching it.
    Thank again for your very nice blog. Now I've bookmarked it so I can come often.

  2. The item in the back ground of the red felt bird is a pillow I did long ago before I had children which tells you how old that is as my oldest is 10 years old.

  3. That is just the best thing...
    Thanks for the demo!!!

  4. Hey Sunshine, Can you tell where I might one of these patterns on the internet to print out? I LOVE this idea. I have never seen one,,,but would sure come in handy for sure!!!! Especially since I love sitting outside in the 'warm' months and working on knitting, crocheting, tatting, etc.
    Thanks for the demo!!!!

  5. I don't know of any on the internet. But all you have to do is crochet around a cabone ring and make a round small doily (do this twice) connect on last round 3/4ths the way around and crochet a handle strap that goes over wrist.


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