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Monday, January 14, 2008

Hair today gone tomorrow

On Saturday I talked about how long all three of my daughters' hair was. Also how I wanted to make Kanzashi for them. I still do, just one will have to be on clips instead of combs or hair pins now.

Because, as of today, one of them no longer has long hair. She had the longest out of all three; it was below her waist, and she was starting to sit on it. It was getting a little annoying for her and hard for her to keep the knots out, with winter static and all. So we removed it (a good 18-24 inches original length, removed over 12 inches in length; look in the mirror in the right photo you can see the haircut is half done), so her hair is just above her shoulders, now. Sorry, I didn't feel good this weekend and didn't get that bathroom cleaned -- dirty mirror, oops. She is also embarrassed by this photo because this is her pajama shirt, and she never shows her shoulders unless she is in a bathing suit. It is only on her because I am cutting her hair, otherwise no photo would ever be taken with her dressed this way.

The last time I cut her hair I made the doll shown to the left. Yes that is real hair from my daughter on the doll. So now I have this stack of freshly washed and dried clean hair again, trying to figure out if I should make something again.

The reason is, last time I did something with it because that was her first haircut. Well, this is only her second one, and she is ten. Each haircut represents roughly half her life. So I am taking suggestions as to what to do. Currently, the hair is just resting in a metal tin 'till I figure out what to do with it. Photo at left taken in my old home. The room was being rewired; those are not live wires on that wall.


  1. What a beautiful little girl! Have you considered sending her hair to Locks of Love? They make wigs for people who have a disease where they lose all their hair, or someone that's lost their hair because of chemo. We sent my daughters hair in in September. It was really fun. If you're interested, check my blog post from early September.

  2. do you know about locks of love? http://locksoflove.org/

  3. Her haircut looks fantastic! I think little girls with shoulder length or chin length haircuts are very stylish.

    I'm sure you know the Victorians used to save their hair and craft it into flowers and other decorations.

  4. My daughter had hair that long and donated it to Locks of Love when she cut it. It made her feel really good to know that her hair would help a child with cancer. They send you a certificate to put in her scrapbook and a nice thank you note.

  5. OOH, I'm going to be donating my hair sometime this summer. Perhaps you might want to do the same with your daughter's hair (or perhaps they might be interested in donating it themselves:)

    Locks of Love

  6. I'm chiming in about the hair donations... I would send it to Wigs for Kids. Well, that's where mine will be going in about a month. I just did a blog about it here: http://celticmommy.blogspot.com/2008/01/almost-ready-to-donate.html

    I can't believe her hair was so long! What amazing patience to sit for all the combing out. My mom did not cut my hair until I was 7 I think... she had the braid forever but I think it is gone now.

    If you don't want to donate it, I would keep it for your daughter as a reminder of when she had hair down to there. :-)


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