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Friday, November 16, 2007

Small knitting machines

I was asked what types of knitting machines I have. So, here they are going from small to large in size.
knitting machines

  1. The Mattel knitting machine. Where to find: anywhere from thrift stores, garage sales, to your attic to on eBay. There might be a new version of this, too, I don't know. I use it to make boa scarves; actually my oldest daughter does the most, but I use it, too. It makes tube panels only. I also use this to make knitted yoyos for fuzzy brooches.
  2. Next size is the Addi-express; I bought the last one from Heindselman's in Provo, Utah. I don't know where else they are sold; probably on the Internet somewhere. This makes flat or tube panels; it is a sock-size machine. It also makes wide boa scarves.
  3. The largest size can be found at hobby lobby. This machine is called Innovations, and it makes hats in tube form, or you can make flat panels as well.
I have never had much luck with the flat panel part of the machines. I hope to practice that more and see if I can make a knitted skirt out of a funky novelty yarn. Right now I can't get the last set of stitches on either end to stay consistent. So I cannot recommend that part of the machines because I do not know how well it works. Also the Innovations machine is the pickiest out of the three machines. When the engineers designed it they made the needles (hooks) in multiple pieces which makes the yarn get hung up on it easily. The other two machines don't have that problem because they are made from a single-cast needle.


  1. uau!

    Do they knit socks???
    I wish i could knit socks!!!

  2. i have instructions for the middle one to make knitted socks. It involves inserting real knitting needles after tube is made taking out half a row and knit the heel. I have not tried it yet. So I don't know how good I would be at that but it looks easy enough from the instructions

  3. These are so cool!

    I'm looking for a knitting machine of my own for a tube knit. But it needs to be able to knit a narrow tube (as slim as a Monster High/Bratz doll... slightly thinner than Barbie), and the stitches must be very tight (so there are no gaps when you stretch it.) Is there any machine that can do that?

    I've been eying the Mattel one on Ebay, but don't know if it works with regular worsted medium weight 4-ply thread. I've seen some that only work with fuzzy thread :(.

    Any advice? Your article is pretty informative, and spiked my interest!

  4. the old Mattel machines i made doll cloths for barbies when i was a girl


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