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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Part 1: How to Make a yoyo Advent Calender

This is the start of a continuing tutorial. This will show you how to make the wall hanging part of the calendar. Then, each day I will post how to make one or more ornaments to hang on the tree 'till I have 25. This way you can make it, too. (Above photo is after star, prior to buttons)

  • Green fabrics (you can use 1 or lots of green fabrics, I choose solid for the tree and variety for the ground) 42 green yoyos tree, 25 green yoyos ground = total 67 green yoyos
  • White fabrics (you can use 1 or lots of white fabrics) ( I used recycled 100% cotton, from my husband's outgrown Sunday shirts, 2 of them) 86 white yoyos
  • Red fabrics (you can use 1 or lots of red fabrics, I used lots of varieties) 67 red yoyos
  • Brown fabric enough for 1 yoyo
  • Yellow fabric enough for 1 yoyo for star (I used the small clover flower maker to make my star)
  • Standard cd to use as template
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Thimble (if you use one)
  • Pencil, optional (for tracing around cd; I don't do this, but some might)
  • Optional small clover flower maker to use in making the star. You can also just buy a star at a store and sew it on instead of making one.
  • 2- 4 cabone rings ( or other type of ring to use as a hanger)
  • Dowel or other straight item for strength when hanging
  • Bias tape
  • 67 buttons (I used mother-of-pearl, but you can use whatever you want)
Photo to upper right is what the back looks like.

Order of events:
  • Make round yoyos and yoyo star
  • Lay them out in the pattern (shown below in this post)
  • Stitch together in six format, not the 4
  • Add star at top of tree
  • Stitch a button on every green yoyo
  • Stitch on cabone rings (or other hanger item) on back of wall hanging on top row of yoyos; covered by bias tape
  • Stitch dowel (or other straight item) to top back of quilt to help prevent sagging from weight; covered by bias tape
There are 21 rows in this wall hanging.
  1. 11 red
  2. 1 red 8 white 1 red
  3. 1 red 4 white 1 green 4 white 1 red
  4. 1 red 3 white 2 green 3 white 1 red
  5. 1 red 3 white 3 green 3 white 1 red
  6. 1 red 3 white 2 green 3 white 1 red
  7. 1 red 3 white 3 green 3 white 1 red
  8. 1 red 2 white 4 green 2 white 1 red
  9. 1 red 3 white 3 green 3 white 1 red
  10. 1 red 2 white 4 green 2 white 1 red
  11. 1 red 2 white 5 green 2 white 1 red
  12. 1 red 2 white 4 green 2 white 1 red
  13. 1 red 2 white 5 green 2 white 1 red
  14. 1 red 1 white 6 green 1 white 1 red
  15. 1 red 4 white 1 brown 4 white 1 red
  16. 1 red 2 white 4 red 2 white 1 red
  17. 1 red 3 white 3 red 3 white 1 red
  18. 1 red 8 green 1 red
  19. 1 red 9 green 1 red
  20. 1 red 8 green 1 red
  21. 11 red
Stitch all yoyos together and hand stitch star at top of tree. You can do this same type of pattern with English paper pieced hexagons. If you want to use this other technique, go here; there is a tutorial.

Add front embellishments like the star and buttons now. The buttons are for holding the ornaments on the tree. They are also to hold the ornaments on the bottom ground area 'till they are moved up. There are more buttons on the tree than on the ground so you can have more of a choice where to place them.

Stitch two to four cabone rings (or other hanging devises -- I used metal belt loops because that is what I had on hand) on top row for hanging purposes. Use four if you don't use a dowel for strength and to keep quilt from sagging. Once stitched on, cover stitches with bias tape, too, just like the dowel.

Here is the link to make all the ornaments to add to this advent calendar.



  1. Oh, how incredibly cute, I can't wait to make one of these, too. Thanks!

  2. Oooooo, this is going to be really neat. I can't wait to see "part 2" :-)


  3. What a wonderful idea, I'm off to choose which fabrics I am going to use! Merci!

  4. oooo
    I love this.
    I'm off to try and make one now.

  5. Thank you for the tutorial. I have been looking for an advent calendar project and this is great.

  6. What a clever use for yo yos. I can never think of anything to do with them.

  7. what a wonderful tutorial. Thanks for posting it. I am going to pick out my fabric and get started.

  8. I love yo-yo's! What a great use for them!

  9. THis is such a cute idea. You are so clever! I'd like to make one for the grandkids.


  10. I've always wanted to do something with yo-yos. This is cute.

  11. I'd love very much to win your ornament drawing. I am so delighted by this lovely pattern. My grandma taught me to make yo-yos years ago and they always remind me of her. I took care of her during her final decade—she lived with my husband and me for the last two years. She passed away earlier in 2007, so tihs will be our first Christmas without her in a very long time. I want to make this calendar to remember her—she would have loved it! And I hope you draw my name for the ornaments! : )

    Take care and thanks for your generosity. It's such a great project.

  12. I have to tell you out of all the advent calenders I have seen I like this one the best. Thanks for sharing your idea with us. Now to get started,

  13. This is sooooooo cute! I can't wait to get started on my own advent calendar.

  14. This is a wonderful idea. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    Carolyn in Kentucky

  15. I love the look of yo-yo's, although I'm not sure I'd have the patience to make THIS many! LOL Still, the hanging-ornaments-on-buttons idea would work for a "normal" quilted/appliqued tree quilt, too.

  16. Hi, I love your blog,congratulations

  17. Amazing and so beautiful!!!!

    Thank you very much!!!

    Carine Calé

  18. Amazing and so beautiful!!!!

    Thank you very much!!!

    Carine Calé


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