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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

a very long day


Well, I wasn't able to post more photos today. It was a crazy day.
6:30 Started out; woke up and started getting ready for the day.

7:00 Then woke up kids. Post to blog, quickly, about buttons. If you have kids, try getting 3 kids fed and 2 dressed for an 8:20 am piano class. Oh, yeah, let's not forget doing the forgotten homework from the previous day. I know I asked if they had any at least a 1/2 dozen times. Not mad; just the same old thing (boy, I remember doing my homework in the morning as a kid, too. I guess they are just like mom and dad).

8:15 Get out the door to find out car won't start; mad dash to de-ice other car, tell husband the one doesn't work, and still try to make it on time to piano practice. Get there, finish homework while oldest does piano.

8:20 Get to piano practice

9:10 Piano practice ends

9:11 get in car to go to school

9:13 get to school

9:15 School starts; get there just in time to run and pay second child's lunch that ran out yesterday before running to oldest child's class. Get told child assignments for field trip that starts in 10 minutes. Of course, last minutes changes and all. Ok -- our little group goes from 5 kids and one adult to 3 kids one adult; I can handle that a little better.

9:30 Load bus. Sit on bus with 60 screaming kids (not kidding! The bus driver got grumpy a few times because he couldn't hear for trains and things).

9:40 Arrive at HEE-Haw farm

9:45 Orientation/ Self Guided Tour of Farm & Maze and everything else ( photos tomorrow)

11:25 Load buses

11:45 Arrive at Discovery Park for lunch and recesses (haven't we already been doing that all day?) Oh, well, it is a cool place for kids and adults who play with their kids, too. ( photos tomorrow)

12: 40 p.m. Load buses

1:00 Arrive at school

1:10 Get home, check mail, say "Hi" to husband and littlest, and leave again

1:15 On way to Utah Valley Quilt Guild Meeting

1:30 Arrive (starts at 1:30; rush to get a chair). Take a few photos; will show tomorrow (round robin day. No sitting today; go from station to station learning things (yeah, right). Two of the teachers knew less than I do; the last one was cool; just probably not a technique I will use. But good to know all the same.

3:05 Back in car, call husband tell him I'll pick up kids from school, call school tell them I will be 3 minutes late.

3:32 Arrive at school, kids see me as on time (I am two minuets late, but they tend to walk slow when getting out of class) good for me.

3:40 Get home, tell kids to have a quick snack and that a pen pal letter is here from NY.

3:55 Ask husband to take oldest daughter to her Church activity and start dinner and doing homework with middle kid

4:20 Set table

4:45 Sit down for dinner

5:00 Ask husband to retreive kid (not with kid when he gets home; concerned mom)

5:30 Kid is delivered home 30 minuets later by late teacher; they (the class) where delivering treats to other kids who didn't go (all is good)

6:00 Get ready for my next Church meeting

7:00 Pick up Crystal for meeting

7:15 Forgot stuff at home for meeting; go and get it

7:20 Meeting

8:00 Leave for next Church meeting

8:08 Get to next meeting

9:00 Leave meeting

9:05 Drop Crystal at home

9:10 Get home, have kids get in pajamas and brush teeth

9:30 Sing songs with kids, have prayer and send to bed

9:45 Do dishes in sink from day

10:00 Crash on sofa for a little bit

11:00 Post this

update within an update

11:30 Go to bed (actually fell asleep on sofa while talking to husband knowing it all starts over in less than 7 hours

Welcome to my day (forgot I had to go to post office; do that tomorrow). Isn't life great! No sarcasm; had fun with lots of kids, got a lot of fun pictures and worn out

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