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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

to curl or not to curl

When a little kid really wants a costume, they will do any thing for it.
Mine wanted to be Glenda, the Good Witch, for Halloween. She wanted the curls and all. I really didn't want to do curls, but she cried that she wanted curls.

The part I am leaving out is that these are curlers that she would have to sleep on, the rollers to have. So, she cried until she got her way rollers in the hair.

How many little kids want to sleep on rollers? All of mine do. Crazy kids; crazy mom for doing it. If all three of them want curls, I am putting rollers in for over 2 hours -- close to three. The oldest takes the longest, then the middle kid, then the littlest one. At least this is the littlest so it was the quickest one to do. My kids have a lot of hair and it is long. Here are the results.


  1. What a CUTIE!!!! I don't sleep in curlers anymore, but just seeing that picture brought me back. I can still feel the prickly curlers mom had me sleep in when I was little!!! Ouch! I think she eventually changed to the sponge ones!

  2. yeah I hated rollers even the sponge ones. We started out when I was little with rag curles ( weird for my generation) then went to hard big plastic rollers then to sponge. By that time I just hated any curlers. My kids love them go figure.

  3. How adorable!
    Growing up with stick-straight-waist-length hair, I used to BEG my mother to roll my hair in those pink sponge curlers. She always obliged, and as I got ready for school I felt like a princess with all of those curls cascading down. But inevitably, nature had its way and my hair fell straight before we even said the Pledge of Allegiance. Sigh.

  4. Yep that is my kids to a tee that is why she had to sleep in them with wet hair so they would set a little better. All my kids and I have long sraight what I call spaghette hair no curl ever to speak of this will be flat quickly t hey hold curles a little better than me by about 1 hour. I don't even get that.

  5. Sunshine- She makes a darling Glenda!! Well worth sleeping in rollers for sure!


  6. But so worth it! I remember sleeping on those things - yuck!

  7. What a beautiful Glenda, inside as well, from the looks of those sparkly eyes. Ugh, curlers! I haven't used those implements of nocturnal torture since I was a teen. I even remember people IRONING their hair to get that straight look that was popular. What alot of us go through for beauty, ha. Have a great day. Nance

  8. Oh, sunshine - she is just adorable. I remember those pink sponge rollers, too - my mom would roll my hair on Sunday nights if I wanted. That was the only day of the week that she would do it, and I could wear my hair "down" to school on Monday. The rest of the time it was parted down the middle and in two braids or pony-tails...until about 7th grade!!!

    XOXO, Libbie

  9. We used strips of torn sheets to make rag curlers which were much more comfortable to sleep with on our heads.

  10. I tease my mother now, but I seriously remember her rolling our curlers sooo tight! I bet she had her foot up on our shoulders! We would have tight skin and slanted eyes! My mom and dad both worked, so she would get us ready for school the night before...Dad did everything BUT hair...

    My girls love to do rag curls, but they don't like the sponge curlers either.

    Sunshine, that costume turned out sooo cute!

  11. Sponge curlers!! WOW!! I have a picture of me wearing them the morning of my junior prom!!! I totally grew up with them and loved the super curley look I got from them.. I used to braid my hair in little braids all over and then roll them up in curlers..did that a lot..well into college years even for some way wild hair! Then I became a minimalist of sorts because I simply didn't have time and I haven't had sponge curlers since..

    Your Little Glenda is absolutely breathtaking! What an adorable little Goddess!! The costume is just so wonderful and she is just beaming! Love it..thanks for sharing!!
    Julia Hayes


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