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Saturday, October 14, 2006

How many pieces do you see?

How many pieces does it take to make a 26 inch
by 38 inch quilt? The answer is, way too many.

5543, to be exact. This quilt has been shown in bits and pieces a few times, and I have received some questions as to what it really looks like and how big is it.

Well, here you go, and here are some pictures to show the 1/4 inch hexagons in relation to a quarter and a nickel so you can get a reference.

This is all hand cut and hand sewn. There are roughly 5 to 7 stitches to a side which works out to be 20 to 24 stitches to the inch. Over 11,990 hours counting ironing, cutting, layout, tear out, relaying out and piecing.

I hope to make at least two more as I have three daughters; I want each to have one when I die.

Join group on Flickr English Paper Piecing
This last photo is shown with a nickel not a quarter.

English paper piecing/ foundation piecing. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr


  1. That is UNBELIEVABLE. I am currently making my first hexagon quilt, but they are a lot bigger than that!

  2. You are a crazy person!!! That is an insane amount of work, but I applaud your stick-to-it-iveness.

  3. My goodness! That is stunning! Once you work out the actual scale.... even more stunning!
    I've done small Items with hexagons and english piecing (that was how I learned to sew) but much larger hexagons and only cushions. WOW

  4. i think that is amazing. i absolutely do not have the patience for that type of quilt, but will forever be in awe of those who do. you have great taste, and are a master of your craft!

    i only have one crib quilt undermy belt, and it was only squares. I aspire to be a quilter, and have the skill to make my friends and family warm in the winter and snuggle up!

  5. This is so so BEAUTIFUL!! I have to make one...just maybe not so small!


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