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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Update a real snake.

We found him again !

While filling in the dirt, we found our little friend, the garter snake.

So my husband retrieved him for about 5 minutes so the kids could see him. We told the kids they were only allowed to touch a snake if Mae and Pai said it was OK. This was an OK time, but no other snakes in the future where to be touched, not even if it was the same snake that they were touching now. Mae and Pai have to be around to say it is OK.

Nothing like showing a bunch of little girls a snake to see how squeamish they are or are not. One squeamish one, two not squeamish ones. The oldest and the youngest petted the snake. Our middle one got within one inch of petting it and decided that was just close enough for her.

Now you can see how little a fellow he really is. It is funny how the little snake looks like he is smiling.

Bye bye!!


  1. Ok, my children loved seeing it and I actually said, "AWWW". He does have a bit of a sweet face and pretty brown eyes!! Can't believe I am complimenting a snake. We enjoyed looking at the link and all the diff kind of garter snakes. neat colors!! thanks for sharing, sunshine!

  2. Sunshine,
    your blog is neat. I enjoy seeing your stitchery work..a lovely quilt you have recently finished(the one with the quarter for size reference)
    and the refurbished chairs are very nice!
    My son enjoyed seeing the picture of the snake.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. We used to catch garter snakes all the time when I was a kid. I love the way they seem to smile.

  4. Sunshine - yep - my little guy thought it was more than neat. He first named it "Jake the Snake," like every other snake he's ever seen, then he headed right outside to look under all of our lilac bushes to see if he could find one himself. Boys!!!!!

    XOXO, Libbie

  5. Your right my boys LOVE snakes. THanks for the post.

  6. We've actually got one, we named him buddy. He is a little bull snake that my stepdad saved from some bums in the alley behind his building. They were throwing rocks at it calling it a rattle snake and stuff, Don't know what the little guy was doing in the middle of downtown Spokane, but my stepdad just marched in there and picked it up and put it in a bucket. He didn't know what to do with it, so after a few days of trying to feed him moths he brought it to my husband who has always had hermit crabs or turantulas or whatever, and we ended up adopting it.

    We lived in town at the time we got him and couldn't think of a great place to let him go, and then by the time we moved to the country the first time he was so domesticated that we didn't think he should be left on his own to starve.....

    So now we are stuck with this silly little buddy snake for the next however many years... the girls think he is pretty neat, but they don't get to touch him because they are so little and clumsy that we don't want them to hurt him.. Funny thing, when we were trying to sell our house, there were a significant amount of folks who wouldn't go into the room we had him in because they were so scared of a harmless little bull snake behind glass and under a lid.

  7. I am glad so many little kids and a few adults are having fun with this snake. Not all snakes are scary but some sure are. This isn't one of them. doesn't sound like yours is one of the scary ones either.


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