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Thursday, August 04, 2011

missing mom

mom all smiles and curls ( natural curls)
mom and dad's wedding picture
This post has been a long time in the coming but I could not bring myself to post this before.  Even now it brings tears to my eyes. About 2 months ago my lovely kind hearted mother in law went to heaven.  She had been battling pancreatic cancer for sometime.  I can honestly say I have never known a more loveing and kind hearted person than her.  She and dad made sure that all their sons and daughter in laws felt just like their own children and never married in.  I could not have asked for better in laws.
mom and dad's  decedents minus about 3 grandchildren that have been born since this photo was taken.
mom and one of my nieces
 She was always so kind to me making sure that after each baby she would help me and her other daughters as well take care of the new baby for a week or so until life was a little more normal that way we could rest and the such after having given birth.  She loved family, babies , music and flowers.  She came to any performance of the kids she new about as well as she came to the plays were I helped costume she loved to see what her family was up to and doing.  It is still one of those things where I go into her home and think I will still see her smiling face and get to spend time with her.  She was honestly one of my best friends if not my best friend after my husband and my confidant when ever in doubt I could go to her.  Even when she was battling her cancer she was by my side going to doctors appointments with me becasue I had some major life threatening health issues a year ago that I never really went into on here.  She will be and is missed greatly  my very first post when I started this blog was dedicated to her birthday she has been a great part of my life since my early 20's hard to believe I wont be able to just call and talk to her anymore.
sand creek (family reunion 1 year ago)

I have always been grateful for her she has never been an in law to me but always mom.  Her name is even in my blog as one of the writers as she use to edit all my post for spelling and grammar errors so if you have noticed more mistakes in the last year that was becasue of her failing health and her not looking at this anymore in an editorial aspect.  Hugs and kisses we all miss you I could write more but the screen is becoming blurry to my eyes from tears.
Mom my husband and two of his sisters


  1. Thanks for posting this! She did many great things, and all of us are truly her legacy!


  2. What a lovely tribute to your mom-in-law...makes me miss mine all the more, too. She died several months before I became pregnant with our first daughter, and that is one of the hardest things for me, that she never got to know our children. She would have loved them so.

    Very nice to know that others love their mom-in-law as much as I love mine.

  3. I could not agree more, sis-in-law. Heaven is lucky to have her. Beautifully expressed on your beautiful blog. (dl)

  4. Oh Wendy...so sorry for your loss. She sounds like such a lovely person...you were all very lucky to have her..and I know she is watching and waiting for you all now from above.
    I think I saw you when on a trip up north on Saturday...My kids and I were leaving the Amer.Fork DI and when I looked over it looked like you and one of your girls going in. Small world if that was you!
    I hope you have a wonderful week..I don't comment much but do love your blog..and we use the nativity Christmas idea every single Christmas since you first posted the idea on MaryJanes farm.

  5. it probably was me as I was in there for only a few moments as I was looking for fabric for a play I am working on


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