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Thursday, August 18, 2011

hand spun wool scarf

I traded with  Juanita a book for some of her hand-spun that she made while at colonial days.  My children carded the wool for her so that makes the wool all the more special to me as my children helped prep it for spinning.   I have since set to making a wool scarf out of it for fall and winter use. I plan on knitting till I run out of wool should be interesting to see how long the scarf gets.  This wool still has a ton of lanolin in it so when I am all done knitting I will have to wash it a few times to get rid of that lanolin feel to the wool.start of scarfhandspun 2 ply


  1. Gorgeous!! I love the pattern. Will washing it after you finish make it shrink a lot?

  2. I hope not I plan to wash it carefully by hand


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