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Thursday, May 24, 2007

30 mm Clover Yoyo Maker " The Green One'

I was given two clover yoyo makers as gifts from my MIL as a birthday present. I didn't really know what size they would work up as. Today I got a chance to sit down and play with it, finally. I wasn't sure if it was going to be to gimmicky or real cool. I think it is cool; it allows you to make a quarter size yoyo super easy. This isn't easy to do in the hand because the fabric flips and fights you. In this tool, it lays real nice and still. I also tried it with other fabrics. If you wanted to work in silk or satins or other slick hard-to-hold fabrics, it is great. Also I tried corduroy; it did work, but was a little more difficult to get the gizmo to lock as it should. But once in the tool, it worked great, too. Just formed a little larger yoyo than cotton or silk did because the center hole couldn't get as tight due to the bulk inherent in the fabric.
yoyos made with clover 30 mm tool
Clover even makes a size smaller than this in circle form and two bigger. I am so excited to get the smaller one I am hoping it makes dime or nickel size yo-yos. How cool would that be. My friend Seiko makes them this small by hand without a gizmo; I'm not sure how she does that, but I think I will, too, once I get the smaller size. My friend Buttercup in Japan said she was sending me some, all the styles and sizes clover makes. I am so much more excited now that I got to play with one, anticipation for these to come is going to drive me a little crazy. I was excited before my playtime; now I am more so, to say the least. Those she will be sending are flower and heart shapes and more circles. Yes, many more things to make with yoyos.

Below is Seiko's Quilt; if you look closely, you can see hers are smaller than a quarter. The ones made with the second smallest clover tool are just a little bigger than a quarter. This was a gift from Seiko about nine years ago.


  1. Wendy, I saw the yoyo maker...Not impressed with it at all. I still prefer to do mine just as you taught me..With the CD disc...I think they are neater and better formed..


  2. I am not impressed with it to do all my yo-yos but little tiny ones makes it much easier and slippery fabric too. But on the whole I will stick to the normal way. i am more interested in the heart and flower shapes those are the ones I think are cool and work so well on little baby clothes items that I make.

    It is much slower to me putting it in this tool but I do a see a purpose for it with small items and I like making miniature items. I do not know about the big sizes as I have not had a chance to play with them yet. For all my normal yo-yos I don't see it happening

  3. Your comments on the tools are very interesting. I've made over 820 yo-yos (so far) for a coverlet using the 45mm tool and I find it really easy and fast to use.

    However I didn't know they compare to making them without the tool because I've never tried it. This is the first time I've ever made fabric yo-yos, or "suffolk puffs" as I was taught to call them.

    Now I guess I should get back to making some more because it's a wedding present, the wedding is in mid August and I still have 780-ish more to make :-)

  4. hi love your site please come and visit my site i have a yoyo-along site i just started i also have yoyo swaps so come and join
    hugs kat

  5. Have fun making your yoyo, suffolk puff, or fuxico as they are know in Portuguese.

  6. Sunshine loved all of your creations. The one with the orange peel is really cute.
    I made a bunch of yo-yos and put a button in the middle and a thread at the top and had the cuttest Christmas oranments
    Oh, one day I keep telling mysefl I am going to make a catherdale window quilt After I sew I couple more blocks I get frustrated and put it away for awhile. Ha. pinkroses.
    They can drive one quite insane. Tee Hee.

  7. My goal is to make a black cathedral windows quilt I think the fabric show up better on black but that is probably a personal thing and not fact.

  8. Whoops, the second paragraph in my previous comment should have said "However I didn't know *how* they compare"

    I also love the cathedral window quilts. I've saved pictures of them in a scrap book somewhere, along with the instructions.

    I think I need to start approaching sewing the way I do with knitting. Have a go and worry about whether it's difficult later :-P

  9. I meant to ask, have you tried making kanzashi flowers yet? I posted about them in my blog at http://www.knitting-and.com/blog/001406.html
    I thought you might be interested in them if you didn't already know the technique.

    I found out about them in a round-about way via your website when I was looking for info on the stuffed suffolk puff brooches that you made a while ago, for an Easter swap, I think it was.

    I've since purchased a couple of Japanese books that have instructions for making very cool little boxes with the flowers on them. Another project to add to my list ;-)

  10. Yes I have seen that type of item before about 8 months ago I was researching that then my computer crashed and I lost all my links thanks for reminding me.

  11. But can you walk the dog with your yo yo?

  12. Yes I can as I have a few real nice wood ones in my bedroom that are signed by a world champion. But my husband is better at that type of yoyo

  13. love so mutch that flower i use made it sometimes ,kiss


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