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Saturday, May 19, 2007

In My Hoop

Currently I am working on a red work floral bell. She is about 1/3 the way done. This is for a signature block swap I am doing, same as the last one, so I don't get to keep her.

There was another swap awhile back that I did that everyone is switched out on. The first one I did, someone else hosted and I made a lot of blocks (13 all different) and have never seen any back; I'm not happy on that one. I am still hoping that I will get a package in the mail with 12 blocks in it; because one block was for a person not in the swap, I should get 12 back.

Back to this block I hope to get her done over the weekend. If you notice I am using red lines to draw her out. This way if a little of my drawing shows it won't be very noticeable next to the red thread.


  1. Hi Sunshine,

    I found your blog through your lovely flickr photos, and I am so glad I have. I've been wanting to try redwork and seeing your in-progress piece is very helpful - thanks for posting it! I never thought of transferring the design in red but what a good idea, especially for a beginner like me. I love the image you chose to embroider - so sweet!

  2. Thats a really Beautiful piece of embroidery!

  3. I love redwork and your piece looks so beautiful.

  4. This piece is beautiful Sunshine! Did you trace it out in a pen? or is it your own pattern? It's really pretty. I love tea towels with the redwork on them. What a sad situation about the blocks. Did others receive their blocks? That is very disheartening. It makes me sad/angry for you.

  5. No one in the group got them except for the hostess I have not given up hope for her yet. But it is getting very sad because she is on the forum that we belong to together this is going on way to long. So if she ever comes back around to the forum as she announced a few weeks ago that she was to busy to be part of that group any more, I will not be part of her groups as I would never be sure of the outcome. But I will still think kindly on her as I am sure her life must be supper busy as that is not a normal thing to do to eleven other people.

    to the other questions:
    Yes the pattern is traced on it is from a group on flickr and yahoo it is in two places same person posted it in both spots. It is a vintage pattern.

  6. It's so detailed. I think she'll look very intricate and beautiful once you've finished her!


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