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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

2006 christmas garland Wip almost done

1. 2006 christmas garland swag, 2. close up of another drop, 3. close up of one of the drops, 4. front
A little while back I was talking about all the advent and garlands in blog land; well, here is mine. I'm almost done with it; a few more need to be sewn on the right side, but they may wait until after Christmas. I'm too busy to finish it now. Just wanted to post it before the holiday. Made from 3 sizes of yo-yos buttons and tassels, two colors of tassels -- it is hard to see in photos. I thought the shelf below which we hang our socks was too plain ,and I needed something long to fill the space up. Thus this idea. This actually isn't all the way finished; it needs a few more yo-yos on the right side; that is why there are no photos from that angle.

If you want to see the shelf before garland go here.

Templates used
  • cd
  • mini cd
  • tinker toy wheel
Other supplies
  • lots of buttons: green and red, both shanked and holes
  • tassels: 4 light burgundy, 3 dark burgundy
  • 1 jingle bell, center front
  • holiday fabric


  1. Such lovely and unique garlands. Beautiful.

  2. That is a wonderful garland. Did you make it up? At first, I thought all the buttons were plastic jug lids, like milk! I like the reindeer look in the middle.

  3. Sunshine,
    That garland came out real cute, but then everything you make comes out perfect. What a good idea to use the yo yo's.I bet your whole house looks so pretty.

  4. You are most gifted......That garland is a definate winner.

  5. I love that Sunshine! Can you believe, I have never made a yo-yo! Maybe that will be my New Year's resolution!

  6. to Pam : thank you for the compliment.

    To susan : Yes I made it up as I went along. Still trying to figure out the milk jug thing. There are just real big buttons. In real life it doesn't look like a reindeer the photo is a little off as there are lots of red buttons that didn't seem to show up in the photos.

    To:NancyJo: Thanks for the compliment. My house is actually in a state all its own as it preping for holidays wrapping every where I am sure you under stand.

    to suze: thank you ever so much and thanks for stopping I think you are new to posting here.

    To beemoosie: I bet you could make one or a ton easily look on my side bar under sites there is a heather Baily site she has a great tutorial on making yo-yos if you want to maek some they are super easy.


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