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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Bridal Veil Falls

We spent the last two days and one night up at a resort in Park City.

On the way home it was such a lovely day I just had to take some photos of the canyon while driving. There is a man made lake / reservoir; it was so pretty with the mountains and clouds and the snow capped mountains in the background.

Then we stopped at Bridal Veil Falls, and I got to take some more photos.

There was this little tiny bush there with little berries on it that reminded me of pomegranates. I just had to take a photo of them. I had never seen a berry that looked like that. These are about the size of a tiny cherry. I have no idea if they are poisonous or not; just took a photo -- no tasting.

Bridal Veil Falls freezes in the winter time and a lot of people ice climb here, including my husband. One of these times I should go and watch him, but for some reason because of the size of the fall, it is scary to me, seeing a little person climbing on it. I don't mind if he climbs; I just haven't been able to bring myself to watch it yet.

That is a real shame, on my part, because it must be beautiful to see. The sheer size of the falls with a little person on it. I remember watching people climb Half Dome and El Capitan as a child, and that didn't scare me. I think it has something to do with knowing the person. He is very skilled and talented. I seriously need to break this idea. Next time he goes I will go in a separate car so I can watch for a little while and then go because he climbs all day long, and I don't think the kids could hang out that long and not complain of cold and the like.

If you look at the pictures closely, in one you will see people walking at the base of the falls for a reference for how big these are.

For any one who knows these places, I hope this feels a little like home. Isn't nature beautiful? God is the greatest artist there could ever be.


  1. What a fun retreat! We all need a break every now and again - and Park City is such fun! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, and I can't believe the leaves are changing already!!!!

    XOXO, Libbie

  2. i remember visiting park city years before the olympics .. lovely town and utah is beautiful. my daughter met her husband at the university of utah and they travelled all ovre campng and backpacking. (my little ballerina .. who was there studying ballet!) i remember one time when she got off the airplane when she came home to visit one christmas .. with a CAST on her leg from ankle to hip .. we about fainted ... there goes her ballet career we thought! finally, she started giggling so hard and took her cast off right there in the airport. (she actually told the airlines it was a joke .. and didn't ask for any 'favors'!) someday they hope to go back and take their children to see this beautiful state.

    True Friends, Frannie


  3. the trees where changing alot you can't see to much in these photos as they are near the fall and river so lots of water but just a little ways away lots and lots of colors.

    frannie sounds like you have a prackster for a kid. That should be fun at all family gatherings.

  4. Sunshine,
    Very pretty pictures, love waterfalls. and boy did you get a nice trade with that material!! I think we are all jealous.

  5. That is so beautiful. And so aptly named.

    "I would feel more optimistic about a bright future for man if he spent less time proving that he can outwit Nature and more time tasting her sweetness and respecting her seniority." -E. B. White

  6. I like the trade I just hope she likes her three scarfs ( I think she is using them as christmas gifts or something). I had no idea what I was getting ( color of pattern wise of fabric) I just like fabric and as long as it is cotton it can be used in a scrappy style quilt ( I make lots of that style) so pretty much any fabric will work.

  7. Thank you for the pictures - I miss the mountains so much! Now you have me home sick... The leaves haven't started changing color here yet, but it will be beautiful when they do as there are soooo many trees.


  8. I thought you might like those Joce. We miss you guys too. Take care and give the baby a hug from his aunt.

    Much love sunshine


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