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Saturday, June 06, 2015

Prom beadwork and refashioned dress


My daughters went to prom last month and I never showed the bead-work I did for them or should I say that we all did for it.
IMG_3476My oldest daughter wore a grayish blueish dress found thrift shopping brand new with tags on it for ($20.00) which I left as I found it.

So her pieces are one boutonnière and one hair piece both had shades of blue in them.

The young man she went with loves soccer so we added a soccer ball to his item. Which you can see to the left in the left photo.  I made the flower my oldest daughter made the leaves.

For the hair piece my oldest daughter yet again made the leaves with silver lined bugle beads and I did the rest of it.  I like that we can now work on projects like this together.

IMG_3378IMG_3376My middle wore a dress I found thrift shopping ($15.00)that was all green.  I decided to add hot pink embellishments to it.  So a pink sash got added as did pink flower sequins with a white faux pearl bead in the middle of each flower.  I also added a hot pink jacket to make it more modest and she wore a mod bod in a neutral skin color to also make it more modest as the original dress was strapless.
I also added double sided satin ribbon shoulder straps to make the dress have more support as dancing can make dresses drop and I did not want her to fight her dress all night.  Below there are still pins holding the sequins on.

IMG_3381This daughter had a hairpiece, and a corsage.  She went stag as she was too young to have a date but she met up with friends at the dance to hang out with so she had people to dance with that were also too young to have dates.

Corsage on the left hairpiece on the right in the photo below.     My middle daughter did the leaf work I made the flowers.
My middle daughter made the necklace you see in this post originally it was for her older sister but she ended up giving it to another girl in the group.

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