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Monday, July 09, 2012

more filling stitches for July RPLAL

center fillingI worked on this some over the weekend not as much as I would have liked as I was not feeling good most of the weekend.Below in the read more area are the links to these stitches and others posted below and a video too.twisted bars

I also worked the background filling stitches.  A lot of times I will use wrapped brides for the filling in the back ground but I wanted this more open and lacier there so I just did twisted ones. I also worked on odd and even spirals. I set a small piece free from the pattern so you could see the background I hope a little better.

 Romanian European Macramé & Point Lace & Crochet. Get yours at bighugelabs.com
half done

Filling= double net stitch
an example of single net stitch (filling four) is here the only difference is that in this one  you go through each loop twice instead of just once.

center needle lace filling

background twisted brides

filling progress

and odd/even spirals/English wheels/ sorento  on twisted brides.  I will be posting this part ( a video) on Friday or sooner if I get a chance (this is part of the back ground) but I need to complete that video for it and have not had a  chance yet so please if you are doing this wait for the video and I will add a link here to it on Friday if all goes as planned.

For the very center of the flower I used  this stitch it is a mixture of twisted brides and blanket stitch after making 2 1/2 brides make 4 blanket stitches then finish the twisted bride.  Diagram is working top down I was working flower bottom up. Thus the reason for our blanket stitches being opposite.
center finished right side started

but you could also use this one if you like it better I used this one before on the holly berries.  If you want to see a little more detailed look at filling number 3 in this post.

 For the parts surrounding the center of the flower I used
Filler #7 Wheat seed stitch

right side finished
After you finish all the filling stitches, cut lace free  and remove basting threads.  Then either sew in a piece of fabric in the center section or use as a round collar for a pull over sweater for teen to small adult or yoke on a child's dress.

Another option is to fill the center section with double net stitch and make it solid centered.
about 1/2 of the doily

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