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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Bag of Lace

Here are the other pieces of lace that had been in the bag that I bought for 2.99.  I think it was a great find.  Just sad that someone didn't like their work enough to keep it.

crochetThis green one isn't too interesting to me but I will figure something out for it.  Maybe take it down to the center section by removing all the chains and make a bun cover for my girls.  That would make it at least useful again to someone.
tatting and rochetThe pink one I want to copy the pattern the tatted piece in this photo may end up becoming the edge of set of wrist warmers to make lace that hangs over the hands.  If you want to see these photos better click on them and it will take you to a bigger photo on flickr.

crochet and tattingThe top piece that is cut off matches the thread used in the last tatted photo above and at the bottom of this photo so might figure out a way to add them to one another.  The top pink one is crocheted in the round and has some slight damage so not sure if I am going to fix it and make it into something else or just copy the pattern.  The next pink one I know I want to make more of it so I will be coping that pattern I think it is so pretty.

tatting and crochetThe tatted medallions in this next photo are just tied together with a separate piece of string so I am thinking I will separate them and figure out what to do with them at that  point.  They are made out of a pearl cotton.  You can see I have already separated one in the very top photo of this post.
tatting and crochet 2
Nice white tatted edging haven't a clue what to do with it at the moment it will just go into my lace box for future use.

1 comment:

  1. Some of the pieces in your bag seem familiar from a few very old books. Some are edgings/straps for camisole or petticoat and others for linens and such like hand towels, table runners and depending on length pillowcases. You sure got quite a treasure for your money!!


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