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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

To cut or not to cut...

all of itfrontI got this serape about 5 years ago at a thrift store for about 3 to 5 dollars.   I held on to it becasue I love the bright colors on the embroidery.  This is vintage probably from the 60's or 70's.  I have seen similar ones on the internet for between 175 dollars and 200 dollars. It said it is made out of wool so I had hopped it would felt and make a nice thick fabric to make a pencil skirt or suit skirt out of.
neck area
detail May still make the skirt but it would not be as warm as I had hoped it would be becasue it did not felt at all trust me I tried several times.  So here is my question is it a bad idea to cut up this.  I know it has a ton of embroidery in it and I know I will never wear it as a serape. I would wear it as a skirt.  Should I feel bad about cutting into this piece of fabric and in that process tossing some of the embroidery.  I really would like some feedback on this. There are more photos of this on flickr sorry I had a hard time getting a good photo of it.


  1. I think you should cut it and make a skirt. The embroidery is too beautiful not to be able to enjoy it. What fun is it to just have it hanging around. So make that skirt and wear it!!!

  2. Wow! What lovely colours! You've got a real treasure.

  3. I would cut it and make the skirt. What a fabulous idea.

  4. I would go with one of either two options.

    If you think it's an important vintage piece that belongs in a vintage collection then sell it and enjoy the money.

    If not then make your skirt!

    I'm the kind of person that buys vintage cottons and patterns and things that people put on "display" and I use them instead :)

  5. You said that you don't think it would be warm enough as a skirt. How about if you made it as a lined skirt?
    If you love it you should wear it. Often we hold on to "fabrics" we love and no one ever sees them because we are afraid to cut into them.

  6. Don't you dare cut that!!! OMG that is beautiful!!!

  7. I WOULD wear as is---caftan dress. I could NEVER EVER cut it up. That neckline is just too perfect...and the placement of the birds and designs would be interrupted drasticly if you cut it up.

    This looks like an early 1970s poncho....I recall these when I was in high school. I think its far too valuable as a vintage piece to cut up. It looks handmade, and in great condition. If you would not wear it (why not~~~?) then perhaps you should sell it. It belongs in someone's collection .

    You would not cut up a masterpiece painting.....why cut this masterpiece up?

    Why not just enjoy this for what it is...and not destroy its value for the sake of making your self something to wear? Thats my opinion...I know not everyone on your blog agrees. I have studied textiles...been in textile museums....this is a beauty in its own right.

    I do understand though, people have been cutting up textiles to re-appropriate since the beginning of time. In the end its your decision and your conscience.

  8. Cut it up!! No point in having it if you are not going to enjoy it.Just figure out how to keep the birds, lol.


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