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Monday, February 15, 2010

Fall Star minus the star

12 inches
I started the Icelandic Star sweater. I am calling it the Fall star minus the star as I think I am going to leave out that embroidery as I have lengthened the section that would have held the embroidery the pattern asked for. That isn't to say I will never embroider the sweater just not with the star the pattern calls for as it would now look silly. Maybe it will end up with some wool crewel embroidery on it or not either way I am fine .

I started this yesterday I think it is working up fast. Currently have about 12 inches on the body section for the size that is supposed to fit me I am supposed to make this section 14 inches long but I think I am going to make is 15 1/2 inches long as I don't like wear it hit right at the jean waist line sort of odd to look at for me. This is the sweater that I am making out of the thrifted yarn I posted about.

Like I said not my favorite colors but will still be a nice fall sweater to wear at Thanksgiving time or any time I am wear neutral colors which isn't too often. This sweater reminds me of Charlie Brown's shirt in Peanuts even though the colors and stripe are all wrong I can't seem to get that image out of my head it will probably leave once I get the rest of the bands on it around the neck and the sleeves. The sleeves will not have quite such a wide strip of the darkest color just a square like two of the other colors.

This picture came out pretty well I took about 30 photos to get 1 that would show that there are four colors in this sweater it was hard to read in photos.
you can see the four colors if you look close
I don't know what the term is I am calling it reverse knitting. During this project I taught my self how to work backwards on the needle so I am always looking at the front of the pieces and never the back makes doing the purl stitches a thousand times easier and I don't have to knit in the round and cut eh sweater for the opening so many pluses with that one. So I just while posting this decided to look on You tube to see if this is a real technique I have found it called reverse knitting and backwards knitting. The person in the video is a thrower I am not even though I did teach myself that it is just slower so I don't do it. It is much faster if you are not a thrower. I figured it out on my own I started to purl a row inserted needle and cast yarn over it then turned it to the front so I could see what my stitch looked like. This made it so I could see what to do from the front ok nothing like reinventing the wheel in reverse that someone already did but I still figured it out with out help and that makes me happy.


  1. My sister also knits back and forth without turning :)

    She doesn't knit much, she just used to swatch enough to know how the yarns she used to make behave.

  2. It looks like it's knitting up well and the colours work well together. Keep up the good work.


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