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Monday, February 08, 2010

Black China Doll done

with black undershirt mistakes disappear
It is done except for placing one snap at the neck to keep it closed a little better there. The orange stitch markers are where I am going to place that snap to keep it closed.
full shirt
Look close to see my mistakes that I did not notice till done. See my mistakes with the white shirt they are easy to see. I made the mistake of forgetting to turn every row so certain sections of the shirt slant different ways. I will only be wearing this with a black undershirt so it won't be noticed anyway but I do know what the mistake was. Will remember that for the next one. Also I added an increase where there should not have been one to make it fit better but you can see it in this photo on the bottom right . But you can only see it because of the white undershirt with such a dark yarn if it had been a light yarn it would not have shown at all. Now you have been shown my mistakes and how I could have hid them with a black undershirt or just the red of the dress form you would have never seen them which is how I will wear the shirt with black underneath. I purposely showed them to you they will not be in the next one if I had just shown the top four photos no one but me would have known about my mistakes.

I missed having it done for church by only 30 mins. Oh well I will wear it next Sunday or maybe tomorrow.
topfull shirt
The white crochet at the bottom of this photo is actually the undershirt that is what I do to mine to make them longer so if I have a shorter shirt I can still wear it and not have skin show. I just wear this part under my other shirt but over my skirt or jeans as a decorative accent that makes it functional as well. I wouldn't wear something like that with this. It is a t-shirt type of thing.
Just so you know if I make something for the store and see mistakes like on the bottom half of this I will tear them out and re-due. But since this is for myself I can live with them just fine.


  1. Hi! I found the Olympic jacket! It is from the 1996 Olympics and it is reversable. I have it packed up ready to mail out and, like a ditz, cannot find your address that you sent to me!! Please send it again and I will mail it out this week!


  2. Mistakes or not, this is lovely! Nice job!

  3. That is gorgeous. Have you written up the pattern? I would love to buy that pattern.


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