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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

With Love and Tears

We lost our Dear Granddaddy today. I cannot express well how much he meant to me. I lost my own No-no (grandfather) when I was 20, then moved to Utah and met my future husband. They (the two grandfathers) had a lot of the same character traits, even the same mannerisms and habits and both had large gardens that could feed a small town, if needed. I will miss him very very much. From day one Granddaddy was sweet and kind and made me not miss my own grandfather so much. Now he is in heaven to be with his lovely wife. He was always ready to greet you with a smile and always had gifts for those he loved: a smile, a tight hand shake, or hug or an actual item; he always gave something. Just a real gentleman. He will always be dear and near to me.

It was funny to me, growing up I had a Nono and a Granddaddy Campbell. So, when granddaddy Ernst came into my life, it was fitting that I call him Granddaddy. It was only latter that I realized I was the only one that called him that; everyone else called him Grandpa. He said he liked that, it made our relationship special because the children he had were the only ones to call him daddy and it felt like he had a new child. I like that statement and will always remember it. My kids called him granddaddy, too, after I had them. He said he always knew when it was us calling because my house was the only one that said, "Hi, Granddaddy." Kind of fun and a nice memory. I have lots of nice memories of him.

He would take us on back road trips to see all the sights of his home area in Nevada. He was a great engineer and made lots of stuff, including his home and lots of things for the community, like the stadium lights for the high school. I have quilt stand bases that he made; I need to get some slats made so I can use them. Just a giving man and well loved by all who met him. He had a very sharp mind and was amazing with names; he never forgot a name, even if he met you only once 10 years ago. Great, great spiritual person who walked with God in all he did; never an unkind word.

My children have seen two great-grand parents go to heaven in the last 1 1/2 months' time. During that time we thought we would see the third go to heaven, too, because she was hospitalized for several weeks with pneumonia. I am glad the girls had the chance to know those great-grandparents..


  1. Your family has been through a lot of loss lately. I am sorry for your tears but so glad with you that you had such a special relationship with your granddaddy.

  2. I am thinking and praying for you - I know hard hard it is to lose a loved one. It is wonderful that you have such special memories of him. I know your granddaddy will always have a special place in the hearts of you and your family. God bless all of you.

  3. I'm so sorry Sunshine. What alot of love & memories your granddaddy has left with you! Such a blessing.


  4. so very sorry for your loss Sunshine..losing a loved one is never easy, even when you see them getting older and frail.so glad that you and your family have some very precious memories though..that is important..and it looks like you have lovely photos to cherish as well. hugs to you and yours. so very sorry.

  5. So sorry for your/your family's loss!

    You are so eloquent with the way you describe your family members, very touching. Makes me wish I knew them myself!

    In this world it's more often the case where people don't get along, and it's so wonderful to read about these great family relationships you have fostered.


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