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Saturday, July 19, 2008

7 types of lace... I think only 4

In the comment section on this post on this blog someone said there are 7 types of lace:
  1. knitting
  2. crochet
  3. weaving
  4. bobbin lace
  5. tatting
  6. hairpin lace
  7. needle lace

I think the person was confused, because a lot of these are in the same four categories. Which is my opinion. She seemed to be naming laces, of which there are way more than seven, like hundreds! Looks like she was trying to name techniques and didn't succeed, the lace fairy has 5 techniques on her site but in looking at them, her last one is a combination of multiple other techniques so it would still break down into these four categories. Some laces can incorporate more than one of the techniques. That is why, once you learn one lace, it is easy to learn another as they may share similar techniques.

  1. loop lace = knitting, crochet, hairpin lace, Romanian, oya...
  2. knotted lace = tatting and netting, American Macramé, oya...
  3. woven lace = bobbin lace is a sort of weaving, battenburg and other tape laces, teneriffe....
  4. needle lace = Romanian, teneriffe, battenberg, oya , beading...

OK, I do:
hairpin, needle, crochet, tatting, teneriffe lace, bobbin lace, Romanian, macramé, hand loom weaving, polka spider web lace, nanduti, battenberg/battenburg lace, oya, beading etc..... the list goes on and on.

I pretty much do some in each category.

Trying to learn knitting and weaving.

What laces do you make?


  1. I do knitting, crochet,hairpin,filet lace, tatting (not so often), I have tried bobbin lace, needle. But how about filet lace (netting? -I'm not sure name in English).

  2. What fun post...I happen to love lace. My understanding is that there's more types of laces, what about honiton? I believe I have heard of others, but I would need my lace guild ladies here to tell me all the names.
    I love to do tatted lace to answer your question. I appreciate all types of handmade lace. I'd love to see pics of your lace that you've made.

  3. I've done all but weaving. And each lace breaks down into other categories too...needlelace has several different variations as does bobbinlace. Knitting is done in different styles. Crochet has filet crochet, Irish crochet, tusmanian...and it goes on and on!
    :-) Gina

  4. honiton is a type of bobbin lace a type of weaving

  5. How about embroidered-on-tulle lace. I've done a little, to embellish baby girls' dresses.
    I'm sure you know which one it is. Not sure, but I think it's called guipure.
    It might fit in the 'needle' lace category. As might needle tatting or oya/bebiya edgings.
    By the way: I made some of the crocheted Romanian cord. I used a fluffy yarn and will be the legs and arms or a crocheted doll in progress. Thanks, it was a fun project. ^__^

  6. the tulle is a type of bobbin lace which is under the weaving category. Either machine made or human made same thing.

    The needle embroidery part goes under needle lace ( guipure is a needle lace).

    People also do tambor work on tulle and that is a loop lace.

    I have done both of those laces too just forgot them when posting thus the etc... at the end of my post.

  7. Golly do I feel "untalented". I crochet and am a novice knitter. I sure would love to attempt some of the other lace techniques though.

  8. I do crochet, hairpin, knitting (although I'm just starting knitted lace), and tatting/needle tatting. I most enjoy making edgings, so I do a lot of pillow cases.

    I would like very much to learn bobbin lace and needle lace. I've sort of started on both... I'm gathering bobbin supplies and I've started crocheting Romanian cord thanks to your tutorial. :)I recently found a great book that has some basic patterns and instructions for all kinds of lace and needlework.


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