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Friday, March 14, 2008

Copyrite issues

This is posted in a group I admin on flicker

I had a copyrited photo infringed upon so did Hyena-in-petticoats and so did Debby Kratovil

Below is the conversation as it is on flickr

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hyena-in-petticoats Pro User says:

Hi everyone,

I thought you might be interested in this item on Ebay:


The seller has ripped off our photos for use in the listing, and is selling links to our tutorials without permission.

I have sent a rather nasty letter to the seller, and posted about this on my blog - feel free to take whatever action you see fit.


Posted at 11:25AM, 14 March 2008 PDT ( permalink | edit | close | delete topic )

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sunshine's creations is a group administrator sunshine's creations Pro User says:

I sent a complaint to eBay; I hope you did the same.
I also sent a letter to the seller with my disgust for what they are doing.
Thank you for bringing this to my attention.
If you know that person is in our group, please point them out to me and they will be banned instantly.
Originally posted 35 seconds ago. ( permalink | edit | delete )
sunshine's creations (a group admin) .

All these things are free patterns that we as a group have shared for personal use, not profit. The person is only selling them for 99 cents but, the point is, they don't have a right to sell them at any price!

We won eBay pulled the item that had my photo and two friends of mine photos. Wasn't right someone selling links to things we had worked hard on to make available for non-profit them someone trys to be sly . Just goes to show if enough people speak up you can win.

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  1. Unfortunately you get people selling "links" on ebay all the time. I'd be pretty confident about ebay shutting down the auction as long as you give them all the details about your ownership.

    I used toolhaus.org to check their feedback. It looks like they're a scammer from way back:


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