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Monday, September 24, 2007

Flowers Abound

more blooms
Picked up an old project over the weekend while I was still fighting the fever. Thought it might be of interest to some. The plan is to make 3 twin-size afghans for my three girls; I have quite the ways to go, still. The thread is antique thread left over from other projects, so I never know how many blooms I will get from one left over project. It may be as many as five or as few as one or none. If none, then the smaller scrapes go into these other two projects that I am working on. The second spare scrap project is using the pattern linked to with the word "project," but it is using thread, not chenille, and I think I am going to make a skirt out of it.
blooms in afghan
Once I make the blooms, I use left-over green to surround the flowers. After that, I use left- over cream and white thread to border the flowers. So, there aren't any two blocks exactly the same, color-wise. The blocks alternate, white and some form of cream/ecru. I am hoping my children like these when they are done. I am debating if I have to make five and not three because we have two bedrooms that have two twin beds in them. Then I would have to make one more so each daughter ended up with two blankets apiece. This project may be getting bigger than I want it. Who knows, maybe I will make 1 real large one for my king-size bed and forget the rest of the idea. I never know 'till I get done what I will actually do with some projects, and this is one of that type of project. These, of course, are a type of granny square.
The flowers are made out of size 10 thread and knit cro sheen and any other 100% type thread that is that type of weight; even pearl cottons are in the mix. The hook is a size 6 steel hook.

I was asked for the pattern; here is where to find it:
The flowers are under copyright, still. They come from a book called "The Crochet Yearbook, Volume 2" by American School of Needlework, book 1336, page 135, ISBN 1-59012-003-5

The pattern calls for flowers ever other square and a solid colored background, not alternating cream and white. But that was just too boring and not enough color, so I threw out the blank blocks and made them all flower blocks.


  1. I love your crocheted flowers! Are you willing to share how you make these cute flowers?! I can't wait to see them all done!

  2. The flowers are under copy write still they come from a book called "the crochet yearbook Volumne 2" by American School of Needlework book 1336 page 135 isbn 1-59012-003-5

  3. love those flowers. my granny used to make some like that, and create hair barretes with them on the barrettes. so very pretty. love your work as always.


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