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Friday, November 10, 2006

WIP Friday sampler quilt

This is from a class I was teaching about 5 years ago.

There are a lot more pieces to this; I am in the process of cleaning out my sewing room, so I am finding them.

Maybe, in time, I will complete this and get it on my king-size bed. I taught a lot of different techniques; it went on for an entire year so there are lots of other blocks to this. Some of the techniques taught were embroidery, silk ribbon embroidery, bullions, Hawaiian piecing, fabric origami, applique, English paper piecing, foundation piecing crazy quilts.....it was a long list. The big black space is where an applique is supposed to go; it just hasn't been put on the quilt yet. If it hasn't become obvious yet, I like colors in my quilts and rugs. If you click on the links on the side with those two labels you will see what I mean.

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  1. Sunshine,
    That quilt is incredible! I have to check it out closer tomorrow. But just wanted to let you how cool I think it is, wish I was in that class!

  2. thanks I had fun teaching it and frustrating at the same time. it wasn't exactly a quilt class it was a technique class. You came to the ones you wanted to and did how ever many blocks of each you wanted I usually had about 20 to pick from each class. if you wanted you could do all twenty each month. It was a lot of work. Here is the kicker if you can believe it I spent about 100 hours a month setting up for and I did it all for free for a woman's group at church. The woman in the class where not very nice to me I made lots of hand out 30 or 40 pages each time of patterns and techniques and it just wasn't enough for them. So to be honest the class will probably never be taught again unless I charge a whole lot of money to each person. I only had one person who I knew truly appreciated the class. The rest are like its free who cares if I am an hour late she will still teach me. That got old fast. but this one person Cheryl came every time called with question it was her first quilt and she did it all completed to. Hers was a twin mine is a king so I did as much as she did and then some but I still have a ways to go. But the difference is she was worth all the effort she went from not being able to thread a needle to being able to explain and help me teach in class by the end.

  3. Isn't it neat when you know you taught one person well, and it will be passed on by them?? I think that is so important. Shame on the other gals for not appreciating you..but that one gal..what a gift for her.

    Jenny in Utah

  4. Ditto, Jenny! I think that's why I am so drawn to the MJ site; people appreciate the same things I do.
    Sunshine, I went through and looked through your rugs. AH! They are incredible, where do you find the time, girl? I mean, I have seen crafts you do that I have never even heard of before and you do everything well! You inspire me!
    My grandmother kinda cleans out her crafts supplies every time I visit b/c she is afraid my aunt and uncle will just throw it all away when she dies. She gave me a book on rugmaking and a bag of strips. I am definately interested. I work at a school so maybe over Christmas vacation I will give it a try. What kind of condition our your old towels in when you recycle them into rugs? We use ours pretty thin!

  5. If you wear them out then there is nothing left for a rug. You could ask at church I did. I just told the ladies hey I have a craft project I am making if you have old towels you don't want can I have them. You would not believe how many towels where left on my door stop saying thank you my cupboard was to full I have more if you wish. Or you can go to a thirft store sounds gross but you are not drying off your body you are standing on it so who cares. Just wash them before use just in case someone did not clean them before donation.

  6. oh forgot to say towels you have to cut wider pieces than wool. I usually cut wool 1 1/2 to 2 inchs wide. Toels because of bulkk need to be 3 inches wide.

  7. Ok...watch for pictures of my first rug down the line!

  8. I'm hoping to start a quilt this winter, of course nothing with as many lovely details as this wonderful creation you've made. I will be checking out your achives for some help and inspiration. Thanks for helping me with my commenting problem!


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