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Saturday, October 10, 2015

My youngest and sewing class

My youngest daughter has taken a sewing class at school.  I know it is funny that I have not taught my children to sew.  But I have taught them embroidery, crochet, tatting, knitting, bead work  and many other things.

Sewing is something still taught in schools so I have figured they could learn as I did in school or community classes and self taught.  She first took a cte class last year where she made an apron I have no idea where that item is and she also hates it for the way the teacher taught her how to sew it.  My children do know what sewing is supposed to look like so when they get taught wrong they know it pretty quick.

This year so far she has made a wind sock followed by a muslin bag.

My daughter wants to take the wind sock apart because she does not like the fact that the teacher had them use cotton and not rip stop fabric.  That was the first thing she said when she came home with the project.  The teacher uses the wrong materials for projects.  So she plans on making it into two circle draw string bags. She is learning in the class, she is usually ahead of the class and board out of her gourd and becomes the teachers helper to get the rest of the class caught up.  So she is what I thought she would be.  Because she has been around it so much I figured she would learn better on her own and she would have but this at least keeps her focused on certain skills and will be useful then she can go off on her own later.  For a beginner her work is great.  I wish her much success in her class I hope she does not get too board in it.
For her second project the made a muslin draw string bag.  Because I had given my daughter red thread for her class it looks sort of like red work on her bag.  They were supposes to do 1 to 2 fancy stitch embroidery on the bag when making it so they could get use to fabric interfacing as a stiffener.  As you can see she got done quickly and did more than one or two.  I told her it looked like a traveling shoe bag.  She said it was just a bag but yes the size was right for that so that is what it will probably become her bag to put shoes in, in her suitcase so other items do not get dirtied by them.  I actually really like this real simple little bag.

She is sick in bed today so I wish her well.  You can see her to the right she does not feel great.

Her current project at school is a sort of back pack with a pocket with a 7 inch zipper.  I am proud that she is taking this class and learning I am also proud that she excels at it as I figured she would.  Doing hand work and things of that sort has always just been part of our family.

Good luck to my Baby Bug in her projects.

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