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Friday, February 28, 2014

whitby tall stockings

SOCKSThis is a pair of stockings I made back in August of last year but since I have had computer issues on and off they never got posted.  So i figured now is  a good time to get caught up on a few posts that should have been posted long ago.  Item I have made but you have never seen.  In this photo they are on the needle still and I had just made an eyelet round.   But they have been cast off and are finished.  there is a pink ribbon woven into the top of the stocking to help hold them up.  I also use garters to hold them up.  Here they are shown folded over at the knew but they actually are an above the teen stocking.

When I was making these I would work on them in the car while waiting for my kids to get out of school during car pool.

STOCKINGSI call these my mismatched matched socks.  I bought the yarn on clearance the store only had a few skeins and well they are not the same dye lot.  At a dollar a skein  I did not care and they keep me warm.  Original pattern was from the top down. But I like working from the toe up so when I run out of yarn I can either make the cuff a different color or just finish the sock where I am or if I have more than the pattern calls for make the socks longer. I have never reversed a pattern before so this was a first. I also used two skeins of the same pattons yarn but different dye lots (on purpose bought them on clearance for one dollar). I figured if I goofed up well at least it was not an expensive mistake. At 90% the way done and I did run out of the yarn which I expected two since the pattern calls for. Three colors and four skeins. But not an issue I just switched to a skein of cream I also bought for a dollar. So now I have a pair of mismatched matched socks. I did not try to make the pattern repeats match I think it it fun and funky that way and since they are different dye lots they truly do not match one to another color wise but who care under winter boots of under jeans in cold Utah winters I sure don’t I made them for a learning experience and I made them for warmth both of which came out perfect. Oh yeah when one skein ran out the other did not for two more rounds and because these are purposeful mismatched sock I just let it do that. If I had followed the pattern and made it in fair isle but with two colors not three I would not have had the wide white band at the top but I did not care about that as that lands at the knee and looks like I did it on purpose which I did in a way. The pattern works backwards perfectly as long as you remember to increase where it reads decrease and visa versa. So I assume it works perfectly forward as well. My daughters are already trying to steal the socks so I guess others like them too. I did this as an experiment but was a no brainier project so it was an easy knit.

work in progerss

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