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Monday, November 25, 2013

50's sock hop poodle skirts

My daughters had a 50's sock hop at school.  I made two poodle skirts for the event but only one daughter ended up going to the dance.  I also forgot to take photos of the two girls on Sunday after the dance when they both wore these items to church so you could see both dressed up.  This photo is of my daughter (left most person) and two of her friends while at the dance.  My daughter is not wearing a beehive in the above photo but she does have two liberty rolls in her hair and those lead into a high ponytail with a scarf tied in it and around her neck.

The photo at left was taken a week before the dance when we were trying it on her.  The pin she is wearing is a vintage pin of The Beatles that I own but I would not let her wear it to the dance as it was getting way to fragile for that.  The sweater clip is also vintage.  It was given to me by my Vavo from her friend who we all like to call Aunt Alice even though she is not really our Aunt.  It has a lovely catholic Mary on it.  Yes I am Mormon (LDS) but was Catholic as a child and still respect the Catholic religion very much as it is my heritage too.  The scarfs are mine from when I was in high-school.  The belt is vintage thrift shop find.  The shirt is one my daughter wears as part of her school uniform as are the socks and shoes.
Some fun at the dance.  Hard to see in these photo camera images that the poodle skirt has a rhinestone leash but it is very visible below.  She also wore two pink crinoline petticoats with it to make it fluff up.  To top it off (or to finish under) we had some ruffle pettie pants for her to wear under the skirt so when she spun she was still modest yes true 1950's ruffle bloomers.  As a poodle skirt when spun really spins high.
 I did take a few photos while hand sewing on the rhinestone band on the red skirt.
Here are some photos of my daughter wearing the skirt the Sunday before the dance the red one was not done yet at this point.  The  white skirt I hemmed with double fold binding tape as I wanted it to have a closed in hem and I also wanted that added touch of color at the hem of the skirt.  After all when most people think of the 50's they think pinks and baby blues and other such colors so I was trying to add a little more of that color to it.
My  mid- daughter in these photos loves vintage and retro stuff.  She considers herself a rockabilly type person.  So she was excited for me to make poodle skirts for her to wear.  The few weeks prior I made her a 1950's square dancing type of skirt to wear to a barn dance.  I have a second of those half made.  When they are all completed I will post a picture of them too.  As of late all I seem to be doing is making costumes for school plays and dances and school celebrations.  I hope to be back to my old self again soon.  Cross fingers make a wish!

I was a chaperon at the dance.  My daughter wanted me to go in costume.  But did not tell me till about 30 mins to the dance.  So I  went as a greaser with jeans rolled and hair in a high pompadour and a high ponytail.  Had a sweater set and a black leather jacket and neck scarf did not get a picture of myself meant to but never happened.

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