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Friday, October 11, 2013


These beads will keep their fragrance for several years and are stronger than you would imagine.  In time with use and wear they will turn a polished red Sienna color.  My mother-in-law had a set of beads like this before she passed that one of my sister- in-laws wanted.  I thought it was an intriguing idea beads for every day use made out of roses never heard of it before except for rosaries.  My middle daughter wanted to make some so here we go with the experiment.  If you try it, it would be nice as a mother's day gift or a way to use up those dead valentine roses or any other rose you are given.  This way you get to keep the gift of the flowers for years to come.
  • water
  • 1 enamel pan with lid
  • 1 lb rose petals red
  • silk thread
  • closer for strand of beads if it is not  long enough to go over the head
  • needle for piercing hole or wire can be used
  • beading needle for stringing
  • newspaper for drying purposes
  • cookie sheet to rest beads on while drying

To make rose petal paste
  1. The heat of your body causes the beads to give off the sent  of the rose petals from which they are made.
  2. In enamel pan place1 lb of rose petals ( usually red is used for this) with just enough water to cover petals.
  3. Simmer for one hour but do not boil.Cover  pan and let mixture stand over night.
    1. Repeat this step three more times. ( 4 days total)
  4. By the fourth day ,the petals and water should have become a smooth paste consistency.
To  form beads:
  1. Take a small amount of paste and roll it between your palms, try and form balls that are about 1/4 inch in diameter
  2. Pierce each ball with a needle or wire to form bead for stringing.
    1. let the beads dry on newspaper in a warm area like above fridge somewhere warm but dry. 
  3.     Thread the beads onto silk thread for your necklace.

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