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Monday, September 05, 2011

What type are you...

pretty 1800's wood type
One of the projects I have been working on this summer was sorting type to put into my printing cabinet.  May seem like a simple task but any one who knows what pi type will also know that mixing up 30 of 40 fonts into one box and then trying to sort them back out by hand is a nightmare
  Antiquing for type is always that way but usually in little glass jars it is so when people give it to you too.  Which is the two ways I have received 90% of my type.  I have spent many hours almost every day over the summer working on this task (so have my kids) at home or doing the same sort of thing to help the Crandel printing museum as a member of their " Leather apron Guild"so they can melt some type to make more line-o-type type.  Not something that really shows to great on a blog post.   Yet to me when I look at my antique wood printers cabinet full of type all ready and waiting for me to set it, it is a good feeling.   I am nearing an end of the sorting part and my husband the dear he is has fixed my table top printing press (a small Kelsey printer which i broke during Colonial days when I was doing some print need to show what I did then still) so I am hoping soon I will get to get back into printing making (letterpress) even if it is just on a small scale.  It does take quite a bit of sorting to get the type out of the pi state.
more antique wood type
  1. the first storing is for font size nightmare part and supper dirty usually
  2. next sorting is for the actual type of font pi of only 1 font  ( although I do see 1 miscellaneous type from another font in the box in the photo) century size 8 font still in pi state that needs to be added to the drawer
  3. stand them upright to see the letterssorted into types but still pi and not in drawers yet
  4. then the last sort is to put them into their drawers takes forever and ever to do this.century point 8 font all nice and neat in drawer

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