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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Items for the Play...

Joseph Poster 

here is the list of things I have to make for this play  if it has an * I have already made it  So if you don't see me posting much in the near future this is why and has been the reason as of late. 
I will post pictures of the play with the actors in costume so you can see all this and not just words words and more words.
  1. 11 bags/satchels for Joseph's brothers *9/20/11
  2. 1 spare satchel things sometimes get lost during the run of a play*9/20/11
  3. 20 white tunics girls Egyptian*9/20/11
  4. 9   black collars Egyptian for  8girls and 1 for Joseph*9/20/11
  5. 18 black cuffs  Egyptian 16 for Egyptian girls 2 for Joseph*9/20/11
  6. 4  black/gold collars Egyptian guards*9/20/11
  7. 2 silver collars for Egyptian people in jail (1 for baker and one for butler)  butlers has a bow tie on his* 9/20/11
  8. 6 silver cuffs for Egyptian people in jail*9/20/11
  9. 11 pants for all the brothers  (9/28/11)
  10. 1 Joseph's coat (9/29/11)
  11. 11 sashes for wives of brothers (10/3/11)
  12. 1 white harem pants Joseph 10/ 3 /11
  13. 14 hats for Joseph and his brothers ( Joseph white and black/  brothers hats black and color) made 2 spare 10/4/11 
  14. 1 white shirt Joseph 10/5 /11
  15. 12 belts for the brothers and Joseph 10/6/11
  16. 2 gold t shirts for Joseph and Pharaoh10/7/11
  17. 4 hats gold for guards 10/9/11
  18.  8 black confetti belts for the 8 girls Egyptian10/10/11
  19. 4 black and gold belts for Egyptian guards 10/10/11
  20.  2 gold cuffs for Joseph 10/10/11 
  21. 8 gold /blue/purple collars for Egyptian girls10/11/11 with the help of my oldest daughter and my sister in law
  22. 1rumba sleeve calypso shirt 10/11/11
  23. 4 white tunics for men guards 10/12/11
  24. 1 beaded fringe hat for Potifer's wife Egyptian 10/13/11 just 2 hours before we all had to show up for makeup
  25. 1 beaded collar for Potifer's wifewith help of oldest daughter and sister inlaw
157 grand total of individual  items I am making for the play currently and more may be added later I have till October 13 to get these done 
the rest we are  renting or people will bring  from their home wardrobes

3 items repaired from costume inventory
fix Pharaohs hat

1 comment:

  1. Wow! That will really keep you busy--but always very satisfying when you're done, I bet!



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