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Monday, December 27, 2010

Valentine afghan done

 youngest with her afghan
sneaky daughter peeking over the top
This is the afghan that my youngest daughter started over 1 1/2 years ago.  She finally completed it today after it sitting around for a while with only two rows left to do.  it is the only afghan in our home that all four of us ( me and my daughters) have worked on.  At different points in time we have all sat down to help her when she was getting burned out on it.  She is very excited that she gets to put it on her bed tonight and sleep with it instead of it being in the plastic tote work box it has been stored in for so long.  She wanted to quit so many times at first because she didn't like her stitches later because the rounds had gotten so large it took her hours to complete one round.  She persevered and now has an afghan that she can take with her when she is grow up and can say all her sisters and her mom worked together to make this. youngest daughters first afghan She learned so much in the making of this afghan from holding the hook to tension and that not all things made in life come easy or are quick to do.  Sometimes having help in life is a good thing at first she didn't want help but needed it at the end she did not need the help but liked it when given.  She went from a little girl who was just learning to read and hated it to a little girl who likes to read.  It is amazing how much life changed during the course of this blanket we moved switched schools,  have had major life events and this blanket ties them all together and she will have it for many years to come. That may sound like a lot for one afghan but that is how it is and life continues to grow and change and have milestones and isn't it wonderful.


  1. What a special heirloom that will be! She must be so proud of herself, and I know you're bursting with pride for her - well done!

  2. This afghan may well be a memory maker and holder. Wonderful job!

  3. She should be proud!
    I used to take on big projects when learning a new craft, a full size quilt for my bed to learn patchwork and hand quilting, a long sleeve, striped, pullover sweater to learn to knit. What satisfaction to have it finished.


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