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Friday, October 17, 2008

A quilt in a weekend

This is one of the projects I was doing with the 4th Grade art class. They cut out Betsy Ross stars (5 pointed stars) by folding and, with one snip of the scissors, you have a five pointed star. Pretty cool technique. After that they drew on their paper stars. Then, after they had their designs figured out on paper, I handed them fabric stars that I cut using the same technique. They transferred their images and returned them to me. Now I have 'till Tuesday to turn them into a quilt.
squares and star
The top is pieced, 50 squares for 50 states in the Union. This is meant to be a sofa quilt, long and skinny so that you can pull it over you while laying on the sofa, but not have it drag on the ground. This will be for the kids' Fall Harvest Party at school; they have an auction every year to raise money for field trips and playground equipment. So, I explained to the kids, not only are they helping to raise money for their school and get neat things to play on, they are also selling their art like other artists do.
squares assembled (50 of them)
There are 45 stars spread evenly over the top; all but 12 are now sewn on.
sewing on stars ( 45 of them)
I have to finish sewing on the 12, quilt or tie and bind it still by Tuesday. I will let you know how it goes. The kids are on fall break from school; I only had yesterday off of work (at the flower shop), so I tried to get as much done in one day as possible. I think I did pretty well.
lots more to go
I may not be their teacher any more, but I made a promise and plan to keep it. It is very hard to think I am going to give this away because it was all the kids' and my work together. Maybe I will place a bid on my own quilt to get it back.


  1. It's going to be amazing! What a fantastic project. I love that you've got the kids giving back to their own school.

  2. I like the idea of you buying the quilt. It is really neat from what i can see and I cant wait to see the finished quilt.

  3. Hey there - while I love the quilt, something else entirely caught my eye in these pictures. What are those boxes on the cabinet below the stairs????

    Have a wonderful day.

  4. those are not boxes they are handmade childrens wood blocks that my grandmother makes each christmas each family member gets a new one. Those are mine. My childrens are stored away for them. We also get them like at baptisms graduations and other special events in our lives. They are very dear to my family I never put them away.


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