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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lace Hunt Continues

Still looking for lace patterns. So I went looking through my books, and I already have these books on Armenian lace because I went looking a few years back on this subject, too. All mine are on the needle lace version of the lace; I am also looking for the beaded and crochet and tatted versions. I think I have a few more books around here, too, but I think they may still be boxed up. The top two I think are the same book; I can't find the top left one right now. I think they are just different editions and didn't realize that when I bought them. The PieceWork is the July / August 1996 edition. I think there is another PieceWork with this type of lace, or so I have been told. The nice person who said this is checking her books; if so, I may order that one too the more references the better. The middle left book I know I have, but it is one of those I can't find at the moment.

The bottom left book is the other PieceWork magazine that has this type of lace in it.

Just so everyone knows, I do know that Turkish lace and Armenian lace are different and not the same. I am intereseted in both of them because they give a similar look and feel, and I am saddened about how hard it is to find this information. Because when I do have this much trouble, it usually means it is a dying art form and makes me want to learn about it all the more and sooner, so if any one can help me I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks Sunshine


  1. The Armenian Lace book, the work on the cover looks so similar to some of the Oya styles I've seen! So close!

    Question: Did I start you on this, or were you interested in this before I asked you about it? :)

  2. No you didn't start me on this I have been looking into this lace on and off for over 10 years before I ever had children. I had wanted to make some to put on their dresses when I ever I had girls if I had girls was my thinking. Well I have since had three daughters and no lace for their clothes of this type. You just sort of rekindled an old quest.

  3. Actually upon reflection it is closer to 13 years I have been trying to find out more information on this because I started looking soon after I got married because I saw a woman wearing some at BYU just crossing the campus and she said it was a gift from her boyfriend who was traveling abroad. But she couldn't give me any information not even what the name of the lace was so the first 3 years was just figuring out the name of the lace.

  4. I do so very much hope that you are able to find a book on this.
    Hope that you are doing well.
    Hugs to you. Take care!

  5. I've got two out of the three folks I mentioned responding and hopefully working towards pointing us in the right direction:)

    A gf who is Greek emailed a cousin to scan bookstores for us; and my newspaper dude is Cypriot, and happily took the 3x5 card with the information on it, hopefully he'll be able to assist:)

    And lastly the friend who is actually IN Greece, I am still waiting to hear back from her.

  6. PS: I also dropped an email to the Turkish Cultural Attache to the United Nations, thinking, perhaps they might be able to point us in the right direction, since Oya is a traditional Anatolian art form and a part of the culture. I'll be sure to forward any replies I get.

  7. Hi,
    I am an American and have lived in Turkey for 11 years. All my friends know oya. I have several scarves with the dantelle edging. It is so common here, but they don't follow written patterns. Most of the elderly ladies who pass the art down do not know how to read. It is mostly passed down by demonstration. I did find some rather expensive books on ebay that explain oya in English. The link is:
    (I don't know the seller)

    Maybe it will be of some help.


  8. this is what I an discovering which makes it hard for me to learn to make it just seeing and holding samples would help but they are hard to come by to.

  9. Hello : I have the piecework july aug 1996 issue if anyone is interested I could scan whatever you like and email it to you.. thanks Sydney


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