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Saturday, November 15, 2014

French beadwork 3 corsages and 2 boutonnières homecoming

homecoming corasages and boutanierrs
I have made a few corsages and boutonnières for tonights homecoming dance.  My daughters are going stag.  So the other three you see are for some good friends of theirs.  One is for a first date that is the green set.  The other is for a good friend who doesn't have a date also.  So we thought we would do something for these three friends to make it more special for them.  Since the theme of the dance is " Night in Paris"  We figured French beaded wire flowers was perfect as a special keep sake for the dance for everyone including my kids.
 middle daughters
close detaildetailThis is the one I made for my middle daughter.  Hers is the dress that was white that I modified.  Since her dress has snowflakes on it we thought a sort of winter theme would be good.  The pink was added so it could have a little pop of color.  The snow flake are actually buttons.  The lavender hearts are actually little rhinestone belt buckles. The blue snowflakes are rhinestone buttons. The pink flowers are sequins.  And the rest is made out of wire, seed beads and tape.  This is the heaviest out of all of the corsages that I made.  My daughter is fine with that as she really likes French beaded flowers.  My oldest daughter made the white beaded leaves.  They were originally going to be a gift for me.  She was going to made me a beaded orchid plant.  But after two years of it sitting in pieces I reclaimed my beads and her work so it could be made into something useful.  My middle daughter was happy to have this corsage because it represents two family members work.

beaded orchid
detail 2
detail 1oldest daughtersThis is the corsage my oldest daughter will be wearing.  This is one of two orchids that actually got made.  The other I made into a corsage and gave to my mother in law at mother's day.  I will see if I can get photos of it at a later date and post.  She was excited to see that I had made her flower into a corsage for her.  She felt a little bad that I never got the orchid plant. But I am not sad my kids will get more use from these corsages than I would a beaded plant I would have to dust. Plus I still get to enjoy them but on three people now and I know how much work went into making them so I still feel her love for me.  My youngest daughter helped me wit this one. One day she was home sick from school instead of just sitting in bed going stir crazy she beaded all the lavender micro beads that I used for the leaves.  I also used the lavender rhinestone buckles in this corsage too.

full corsage
detailcorsage for good friendThis one is for a two friends of my middle daughter who are  going on a first date.  Not only is it a first date for each other but their first date with any one.  So I wanted to help out and make this for them.  Glass seed beads, sequins and imitation pearls for baby's breath.  The girls favorite color is green and her dress is black so this is what I came up with.
 Because I used so many sequins this is the lightest one I have made the others are much heavier because of all the glass seed beads.  My kids do not mind the weight they expect beads to be heavy but others do not expect that much weight in a corsage so I was trying to make it lighter for them.

green and black boutdeatil boutThis is the boutonnière for the guy that matches the corsage above.  I used similar beads minus the white baby's breath look I used the black seed beads instead.  I like that they match but are still totally different.  His is also very light in weight.

pink boutonnière for friend

boutonnière for good friendpink boutonnièreThe pink boutonnière is for another friend of my daughter who is also going stag to the dance. But he does not like to wear flowers so it may not ever end up being worn by him if he does not want it.  You ask why pink well it is his favorite color so we did it hoping he would like it enough to wear it but he probably won't.  This is also a  light weight one because I used sequins for the some of the leaves.  I hope the students like them as much as I do.  I also hope they all have a great night at the dance tonight.
Update the green ones the couple loved, my kids loved theirs and I guessed correctly that  the pink one was never worn as he hates wearing flowers.

Another update my daughter gave this pink beaded boutonnière to her homeroom teacher for him to wear for thanksgiving. He liked it which made my daughter happy. 

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