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Monday, December 09, 2013

A few blasts from the past

A long time ago when i was in Junior collage I took some oil painting classes.  One of the assignments was to decorate a small piece of furniture ie stools and the like.  This was a stool i had since I was a little girl so it was beat up scratched and dented. I decided to decorate it and make it nice with some tole painting.  Very heavy on the paint layers so that I could varnish it and make it look older.  When I moved to Utah I gave it to my great Aunt Deannie.  Years later I noticed it was missing from her home ( my other aunt still lives in that home).

I figured it had gotten broken and tossed i was sad but glad it had been well used.  Over the thanksgiving break I was at my Uncle Roly's house ( pronounced Rawlee). I had not been in this house in years like before I had painted the stool that long ago.  So what a great surprise to see it there.  The funny thing was my cousin who now lives there had a story for it which was funny to me.   He said see this old stool I am sure it is the stool that gave Vova ( our grandmother) the idea to paint stools  he loved it being in his home .  Made me smile and sort of sad that I would break this dream of what the stole was.  I said no it is one I painted when I was nineteen years old and thought it was gone.  I am truly glad this cousin has it as I have always stayed with him when I go visit family he is such a good guy.  Little bits of the past are nice to see.
detail of pINITN
There was another item there a quilt I made when my husband and I were engaged it was a Christmas present for my uncle Roly something else I thought had gone by the wayside when Roly died but it is preserved and saved in a trunk along with photos of four presidents  ( Ford, Nixon, Reagan, and the first George Bush)  make me feel proud that is was a treasured item and saved with these types of gifts letter  from the presidents.  Thanksgiving was a hard week for me mentally this year long story but this made it so much the nicer.  Next time I go out I will have to take a picture of the quilt.  nothing fancy at all just a small lap quilt that is tied not even quilted as I was a collage student with not much time to make such things but it was an item I wanted to make as a thank you to my uncle for all he had done for me in my life.  He helped pay my way through collage and because of that I was able to go to BYU where I met my husband and the rest is history.
old stool

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