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Monday, April 02, 2012

Knit Easter Eggs/Teaching middle daughter to knit

all 3 eggs with hand for size reference
My middle daughter has been fighting me for about 2 years on learning to knit.   She always says she wants the stuff I knit and I keep telling her she can make it herself if she learns to knit, I do give her stuff but i was trying to get her to learn something new.   Which of course  she says she will never do, knit that is.   Well this very same daughter loves amigurumi....I had an idea brewing for a while on this...
So I found some patterns ( 1, 2, 3, of them) from Annie's Attic that I thought I might be able to entice her with making amigurumi knit instead of the crochet she usually does.  It worked but I needed to find an easy pattern to get her into the idea that it was not too hard for her to do.  After her watching me frog so many items while teaching myself not an easy thing to do.  I had to convince her it would be easier for her as I now know enough to be able to teach her what she would need to know to  make these things.  On top of that it had to have nothing to do with lace knitting as she was certain lace knitting would never be able to happen.... will have to work on that next with her.  So I remembered Little Cotton Rabbits had a great simple free pattern for knitted Easter eggs.  Showed her and she figured that would work.  She did not want to deal with color changing so I said beads would be easier as they are actually and I would do the 2 spots of color change stripes on the pattern.  She liked the idea of playing with beads too.  The two stripes on the eggs where you see a color change I did that this time next time she will have to but since she learned how to
  1. cast on
  2. hold thread 
  3. work and hold needles
  4. knit
  5. purl
  6. m1left
  7. m1 right
  8. st st
  9. k2tog
  10. slip knit wise
  11. slip purl wise
  12. bead with hook while knitting not pre strung
  13. life lines
  14. knit front and back
  15. picking up dropped stitches
  16. and of coarse frogging her work (rip it out)
I think that was more than enough for one lesson that was 4 hours long.   Plus she now has two eggs she has made.   She wants to give them away to an aunt who has birthday in the near future which I think is pretty sweet.  Usually I keep all the first items my children make but this time I think it is nice what she wants to do with them so I will give in.  The little plaid cotton  egg you see is what I made while I was waiting for her to finish each section so we could go forward and learned the next step (size 10 thread on mine).  Hers are made out of baby weight acrylic yarn.  She has a few minor mistakes like twisted stitches here and there but over all I think she did great and since this piece is knit flat then sewn together easy for a beginner to not have to deal with circular or 4 double points.  Although I did purposly teach her on double points so she will not be afraid of them in the future.  She used them like single point needles but wasn't afraid of them or the stitches sliding off the other end.
daughters first knitting ( the beaded eggs)
The best part was as soon as she finished the eggs she went straight to her pattern books and started trying to make items in them.   Her current weak point cast-on.  For those that are curious about teaching their own kids and ages her age is 12 years old same age as my oldest was when I taught her.  The main difference is my oldest I was teaching at the same time I was learning and teaching myself this was easier by far.

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