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Monday, September 20, 2010

One down one to go

So I have made some progress on Pink Aurora.  I worked on it during my children's soccer games on Saturday.  So I have completed one and will make a second... I guess that is to be expected with out me saying so.  I like the lace work on these I also like the weight of them not to heavy but warm enough for spring and early fall to keep my wrists and hands warm.  In the future I will make some with longer fingers but all things in time.  I will also make some with complete fingers to of course in different colors and patterns.
thumb gusset
My sister Danica is being kind and helping me try and get some gloves made before fall sets in as the cold already makes my hands hurt and slows me down.  I am hopeful to make a lot of gloves, mittens, fingerless gloves, wrist warmers and gauntlets this fall winter season.  Don't know if it will happen but hopeful.  The more I have the better I can keep my hands from hurting and the better they will match more outfits and not look so weird I hope.  Lots of hope in this text silly isn't it.  On a side note I liked the crochet edging the pattern called for stopped the cuff from rolling without a ribbing being there.
palmdetail of fingers


  1. Just wanted to say that I'm loving this. I've always like fingerless gloves and whatnot. But, most of what I find in stores are not cute. These are not only cute, they are also adorable.

  2. These fingerless gloves are beautiful. I have always wanted a pair of fingerless gloves, I might just have to make my own. :) I am a new knitter and have yet to go beyond making washclothes of different patterns. I have been itching to use that sort of knitting needle, I believe I have heard it called the magic needle? I might just have to give this pattern a go. They are elegant but tastefull and will go with jeans or a skirt. Thankyou for sharing.


  3. i think it is called the magic loop method but I am not sure I just use my tool how ever they will work to get the job done. I have lots of double points but have learned I do not like them for cotton only wool as they seem to ladder on other things for me


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