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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Red Black and Blue

thumb gusset
Most people that know me know my favorite colors are black, red, and white in that order. So when I finished my husbands hat I had scraps in my favorite colors my brain started to tick what could I make me that wouldn't take much yarn.

I know fingerless wool mitts. OH YEAH!!! Happy dance on my part I knew what I wanted to make I just had to figure out the gusset in crease on the thumb and I was good to go. Did that decided I wanted to leave the white out I will probably make another glove with it but maybe a little different in style. Those that may not know I was a punker, mod, ska, alternative person in high school, junior collage and at the university. Life changed and I had kids and work and my clothes in general had to change to accommodate this part of my life a little. But there are still large amounts of that wardrobe in my wardrobe and they show up in bits in pieces here and there. This would have been a set of gloves I would have loved when I was younger still love them now as a matter of fact I hope they come out like the picture in my head so far so good. I don't have a written pattern for this making it strait out of my head. I will probably make some tall gauntlets as well. These gloves are being made out of cashmere.

If you look close at the top photo you will notice I have a wide array of cabled needles from bamboo to aluminum to the oldest steel with a steel cable. I collect needles from thrift stores a lot so you never know what you will find.
fingerless glove start
On a side note my daughter ( who is just barely 12 years old) has finished one glove out of her fingerless glove set not bad for her second project the first was a wash cloth. I never posted it, it was just seed stitch an st stitch. She modified the pattern a little bit to add ribbing by the fingers. Her gloves are being made out of dark blue wool.
made by my 12 year old daughter


  1. Your daughter has done well with her knitting. Making small items helps because she can see the results and wear them quickly. It gives them encouragement. Happy holidays.

  2. Both of your gloves look apealing and comfy. Good job to you both

  3. Awesome you will be making socks in no time


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