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Monday, April 13, 2009

Home repairs in the works

This is what my husband, my brother-in-law (Seth), and I did on the Saturday before Easter. The colors of these primers in the photos are a half tint, so the rooms will be much darker when finished. My husband grew up in a house painted all white. The one exception was his bedroom; it was the only room painted a color (blue, about the shade of blue the bathroom is in these photos). I grew up in houses with wall paper, meaning lots of color and designs on the walls. It has always bothered me that we have lived in homes that are all one color. So, since we have to re-do our old home, we decided we would add color to the house. My husband still isn't fond of wall paper, so we compromised; lots of color in paint. We will have white trim in all of these rooms. We have already painted the ceilings ultra pure white, much better than the dirty eggshell color that was there before. (By the way, the color you do see on the walls in the masking photos is what our tenant put up, and I hate the colors -- very dirty, muddy colors.)

Masking up the house:

masking kitchen
from front door masking kitchen
View from front room to kitchen.
girls room
Girls' room.
master bed room
Master bedroom
upstairs bath
Upstairs bath.
front room masking
Front room (gotta love the make-do painter's stilts. My husband wanted to buy some real ones but couldn't find anyone who had them in stock locally).
opps it broke
Oops, it broke!

Once again the colors on the walls right now are the primer which is a 1/2 tint to the real color. This is not the final colors of these rooms; they will be much brighter and deeper colors except the girls' room; I don't think dusty periwinkle will ever be very dark.

Kitchen hall washroom= sunshine yellow (gotta love the colors name). I picked this color.

1/2 tint kitchen dinning room
1/2 tint kitchen dinning room

Girls room = periwinkle; youngest daughter picked this color.

1/2 tint girls room ( will be periwinkle when done)
1/2 tint girls room ( will be periwinkle when done)
1/2 tint girls room ( will be periwinkle when done)

Master bedroom = hunter green; husband picked this color.

1/2 tint primer in master bedroom
1/2 tint primer in master bedroom
1/2 tint masterbed room ( will be hunter green when done)

Upstairs bathroom = china blue; husband picked this color.

1/2 half tint primer in bathroom

Front room = crimson red; I picked this color.

This room isn't primed yet because it and the kitchen over lap walls because of bull nose corners, so we have to have the kitchen completely painted and masked before we can even start to paint this room. The primer for this room is gray because you do not use pink as a half tint for such a dark red color.

It looks like the Easter bunny attacked my husband's head. It is round, like an egg, but much scarier painted.

yikes the easter bunny attacked yellow hall
I asked, but he said his neck didn't hurt from where the face mask strap hit his neck. Sure looks like it hurt a ton.
Easter egg husband


  1. Cor, looks like you have got some work on there. We have been renovating our house for over a year and we are still not finished. Tell them to keep up the good work.

  2. I love all of the colors!

    And your husband's head is a hoot!


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