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Saturday, December 13, 2008

2nd day of the twelve days of Christmas

My kids are having so much fun with this, and I am, too. I know it is only two nights, but we had fun trying to guess what the next day's item would be. We actually guessed right. The kids got all excited about having chocolate. They know mom is to answer the door and that I will go real slow so as to not spoil the kids' fun of getting stuff and not seeing the givers. Not to be weird, but this was the year I sort of needed this type of thing happening in my life. Long story short, it has been a rough year, and I haven't posted about much of it at all. But whoever is doing this for my family is a very dear soul, and I thank them just for the fun it brings to my kids' day. Thanks!!!

Tonight's gift was Dove chocolates and Hershey kisses in a gift bag with a cute red bow and a note.

day 2 of 12 days

Tonight's card reads:

Tonight we have turtles and doves coming your way.
Eat all the chocolate, it's all yours, we say.
How grateful we are that you're playing our game.
We hope that you didn't look out when we came.


  1. Why is it being wierd to say that you needed something like this and it happened!?! It's totally cool. I did the 12 days of Christmas to someone when I was in high school. It was so much fun to do. My friend did it with me. We did it together to our "victims", LOL! We had her little brother run up to the doors to ring the door bell so in case they saw they wouldn't know it was us. Brings back some fun and happy memories!

  2. Isn't it so fun? Our first year here in Manti someone 12 dayed us and we have done someone else each year since. Last year we did your Nativity idea and the kids loved that so much we are doing it again this year for a new family in our ward.
    Have fun!!!

  3. I think this is a real lovely idea. I have never heard of it before. Someone must think your special so enjoy it.


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