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Monday, April 16, 2007

Trying to get caught up on a few things

Penny over at Penny Sanford Porcelains sent me the loveliest brooch/charm I have seen made out of Porcelain. She makes these herself. She gave this to me as an award titled "The Happy Penny Award". I think it is very sweet. I love that she is doing hand work because I do tons of that. Penny does sell these; if you are interested, follow links to her site.When we went to my in-laws for a late Easter egg hunt, my mother-in-law gave me a birthday present. I think it is so cool; I just wish I had a little bit of time to sit down and play with it. Life is so busy at the current time. I really love this item; I discovered the other day that in Japan they sell a larger and smaller version of this and also heart and flower ones, too. I just can't figure out how to order them yet.I was in a fat-quarter swap at MJF forum with nine other women. The fat quarter I sent in is the third from left; it is a vintage fabric my Vavo purchased. It's always fun to see the variety you get in a swap -- thanks, ladies!Suzy homemaker who is also at MJF sent me this lovely Easter card with a fat quarter of fabric. I am going to have so much fun with fabric in the near future. I love this fabric; it is so soft and delicate looking. Would be lovely as a Mother's Day item. Hmm... I might think on that one a little.I have a few more items to show and say thank you for; I just didn't have time to photograph them all, so you will probably see them later. A box and envelope of fabric from levisgrammy at MJF. Also a box from This Vintage Chica with real cute items in it.
Updated 12:33 p.m.
This is the box and envelope of fabric from levisgrammy at MJF.This stuff below are the items from "This Vintage Chica" and an apron from her, too. I still need to send her fabric and yarn for the exchange; sorry I'm so long in doing this. I just love roosters; aren't those just the cutest plates. The white sheer item is a curtain that I may make into an apron later after I get a chance to try and remove the stain. I knew about the stain before she sent it. I think it will still work out lovely.This is one of those times when I wish I had a mannequin or dress form or something to drape clothes on; this is real cute and the lighting didn't do it justice nor did laying it on the floor. It is a vintage apron, but the colors are still popular today. I would love to make a quilt someday in this color scheme. This is about three shades of pink and three shades of chocolate; it's hard to see in this photo -- bad lighting. But super super cute!!


  1. Wow...everything just for you ;) it's really amazing. And I'm astonished to see that it exists an "easy yo-yo maker".

  2. I was just looking at your quilts on flickr and wanted to say how much I love the Bubble Gum Pink Quilt and the other one with all the white hexagons and the labels of where some of the fabrics came from. I love hearing where the fabrics are from!

  3. I've been looking up info about the flower and heart yo yo tools and it looks like they will be released in June this year. I can't wait :-)

    I would call you a bad influence on me but I've been addicted to Clover's needlework tools for a couple of years already. It was my birthday about a week ago and yet I'm still buying myself little "birthday treats" from Clover. Pom pom makers a couple of weeks before my birthday and round yo yo makers this morning!

    Come to think of it, you *are* a bad influence! ;-) Oh and the pom pom makers are amazing! Perfect pom poms in 30 seconds. Very cool :-)

  4. I never showed a pom pom maker as I don't have one of those, I do have the little knitter tool that I haven't shown. Really in June. That is so cool do you know if they are going to release the other two sizes of yoyo too. Also is this release for Japan or here in the States.

  5. Lovely, lovely!! And that apron is beautiful!! really want to sew like that! Does the apron have a french seam at the color change? Or did they double it over at the bottom and enclose the brown between two layers of the pink? Or did they line the whole apron? Just curious??

  6. No French seam it is sewn. They laid it on its side and straight stitched again to hold it in place and to help with fraying. No lining I can see all the stitching on the back side


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