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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Birthday flowers and wishes

I have never been big on getting cut flowers for my birthday so about four years ago when my kids brought me these mini daffodils I was excited. I got flowers and they didn't have to be killed. Now, every year at my birthday, they have been in full bloom. This year the weather is so weird they have tried to bloom but have missed the target date. I also have one, yep just one crocus in bloom. Mother nature sure has confused these plants this year.

If you have not figured it out yet, today is my birthday. Do I have special plans for the day? Nope! Doing chores and making, if I am lucky, I can finish my English paper piecing tutorial that I took photos for 2 weeks ago, that is if all goes well. Who knows, with my kid still not feeling well and the doctors clueless as to why.

Like anyone else, I have a wish list, too. A silly one, but definately a crafter's one. I don't plan on getting any of these, not right now anyway, this is just wishing for fun. All of these items are actually on the same site. Just so we know, this is a wish list for myself -- things that I hope to buy for myself in the future when I get a chance.

Birthday wish list:
  1. Clover Embroidery hoop stand I already have the other half of this item just need the base.
  2. Quick yo-yo maker large I just think these will be fun to play with even though I already know how to make yo-yos. I think it would be neat to see yo-yos with even gathers. Have some ideas in my head.
  3. Quick yo-yo maker small
  4. "kantan Couture" Bead Embroidery Tool I love tambor work this looks like an easy tool to do it with.
  5. 360 deg turnable hoop 7 inches Hoop for tambor work.

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  1. I hope you had a WONDERFUL birthday : )