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Saturday, May 02, 2020

David Flores another class mate murals

photo credit David Fores Art
Photo credit David Flores Art
I have another friend who does murals all over the world... he was in my graduating class with me and one of my sk8boarding buddies .  He has done some pretty amazing art over the years.  Recently he went back to our old high school and painted a mural on the walls there.  Every high schoolers dream to get paid to graffiti the school but he gave the money back to the school for the art department to use. 

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Photo credit Adam Clark

photo credit Adam Clark
Photos in this post of the chief  belong to David and my friend Adam I make no claims on them I just want to share his work and let others see it.  we the school  were known as the redskins when i went to school there they are now tribe.  Was the last hold out school in the nation to keep that mascot as the local tribe wanted us too so please don't go all political on me.

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